Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Make Some Time With Me

What I need, see, is some lovin'.
I've spent a disproportionate amount of time falling in love with any guy in sight. I almost literally swooned over a boy (Tucker) at the blood bank who, besides being gorgeous, was reading Le Chanson de Roland. There was a guy eating lunch next to me at Wendy's (check off Chicken Mozzarella Supreme -- it was okay, but not the greatness of the Spicy Chicken Sandwich) and a guy -- two guys, really -- at the gym.
Not to mention other stuff closer to home.
This is not normal. IGP swears up and down that I am asexual (I'm not, the word she's looking for is subtle), but I do keep my head and libidio down most of the time.
I'm becoming... well, like a guy. Odd.
I wouldn't object to a little anonymous sex Right Now.

I picked up a shift at XDU tomorrow night, 10 pm to midnight. Everybody should listen. Or click the above icon. I think TBWWBR will be in the studio, too. (Photo op, photo op!)
Have I mentioned the Web Cam? There's a web cam at the XDU site, watching the DJs. I always keep it on, so you can actually see what I look like without resorting to pix posted by Ms Llew.
A Series if Unfortunate Events, indeed.
(Just kidding -- there's one that almost doesn't break glass up there, but I look like a time travelling transvestite.)

I'm still reading The Fellowship of the Ring. The linguist in me (and I took all but two classes in the major, and had the University offer to pay me to study it) is fascinated by Tolkien's devising of languages. The history buff (7 classes of straight history, a minor in Art History and a major that was mostly Theatre History) is amazed at his crafting of the History of Middle Earth, and its interplay with language. The English major in me is amazed by his scope and scale.
The normal guy in me thinks he crazy for spending That Damn Much Time on elves/hobbits/trivialities.
The critic in me also thinks he crazy because he publicly said literature after the Anglo-Saxon period was bunco and Shakespeare a hack.

It's all cold and rainy, and like every other Sinister kid, I'm in love with the weather. I love scarves.
My mother has this little book of lined A4 paper stapled together telling how I loved to wake up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays and watch it rain from out bay window that I made in Kindergarten.
Signed "Ethel."
I decided for a few weeks in Kindergarten that I showed be called Ethel, after an angel in my second favorite (at the time) TV show, Down to Earth.
Yeah... It passed.

I'm off to apply for more work tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Much Love

Today's much love award goes to Aruni. She told me how to move the comment thing to the left.
Thanks. That device makes me very happy, and having it in the right place more so.
So go use it. Normally, I'd put a Wilde+ warning on it (it better be at least as witty as Oscar) but I want it be used toute suite.
If you want to see examples, hop on over to Petullant and see how it's done.

One thing that stuns my mother is that I'm not married. Umm, yet, as I am betrothed.
It hit me today that I could understand her position. Not that I'm the Catch of the Day or anything, but she has met any number of amazing ladies accompanying me, so to her mind, I should want to make a formal alliances with said girls.

I thought about it today, and she's right.

I know/hang around with/court the most stunning girls. I should marry them. They're all -- and I mean without exception -- gorgeous, smart, funny and a blast to be around.
Hmm. There's only two things wrong. And polygamy is only one.

I subbed in at XDU this morning, a 3 hour shift, from 2 to 5.
I almost rocked.
I played some great stuff: it went from RPM/electronica to emo to Indie rock to jazz to country smoother than you would imagine. There were sets, I tell you, and segues. I played great stuff, too. Worth noting: Rosebuds (local people: see these folks right now!!), Natural History, Les Hommes, Jackie Mittoo. There was international stuff and even some comedy bits, from Eric Idle's "Eric the Half a Bee" and an old Smothers Brothers bit. The Spanish Public Service Announcement was somewhere in between. "Pedro! Don't walk on those Dangerous Railroad Tracks! The Train!!!"

Talk sets were better than last time as well, if not great (hey, I'm new), even if some techno songs bled over.
I may pick up a 10p to midnight shift Wednesday night, so listen, since it's a decent hour.

I found out more about my job at Whole Foods Market. I'm beginning to get excited about it. It seems really good (not to mention legit, unlike certain places run by the Frogs). Everybody seems so nice.

I go to sell more blood tomorrow and look for some more work.
I will eat Wendy's new Mozzarella Chicken Supreme Sandwich, which I have coveted for weeks but couldn't afford. I will buy gas. I will buy Diet Coke and Milk.

I cooked the last little bit. I made fudge (yum) and humburger casserole. I was proud of that. I had one hamburger patty left, and no buns, and a few other odds left before I starved. I cooked the meat, used some tomato soup as a base, threw in some green beans and spices and topped with mashed potatoes. It was pretty good. And yes, I think technically it was Shephard's Pie.
It was Mom's recipe and made me think of her, since I made it on her birthday.

I've finished both Nalda Said (good. painfully good. Am I the only one to fall like a fool for the narrator?) and The Wide Window. O woe to Catlin Pigtails who said something less than praise of Mr Snicket. Miserable Mill, here I come.

I am now reading The Fellowship of the Ring. It's much better than I remember from 10 years ago (or maybe more). Though now of course, I get a post-mod laugh at how seriously this guy takes his elves. I mean...

I may start The House of Mirth as well. I love Wharton.

There's a new movie with Charlie Hunnam in it. I think it's called Abandon (like I care what it's called). Of course, he gets no screen name, it going rather to Benjamin "I like my Julia" Bratt and Katie "Lesbianism is so chic" Holmes.

What? You don't know who Charlie Hunnam is? Just as well, really, as I don't really like revealing what I like in a sex object/scene... Like it matters. He's married to some young model who is, no doubt, immaculately well sexed. (He was in the British Queer as Folk. Amazing what Channel 4 gets away with but couldn't ever be aired in the USA.)