Sunday, August 31, 2003

So today is all cool and stormy and I have the day off. I plan to listen to some CDs and review them, go to Music Staff later today and play Dragon Warrior 2. Maybe I will eat some Wendy's food.

I certainly haven't spent the day nobbling around Friendster, checking out cute boys in my Local Network. Oh no. But I have noticed unlikey sorts of connections that make Friendster interesting. "She knows Laurel?" "How does he know Brian?" Things of this nature.

I realized the other day, there are thing certain things, important things about me you'd never know from here.

For instance, Chinese food. I love Chinese food. Cheap Chinese food. I was overjoyed to find a cheap Chinese take away restaurant just down the street the other week. Super China, by name. Rawk! It not only has Shrimp with Broccoli, but also General Tsao's chicken.

Also, Dr Who books are back. I just finished Warmonger (May 2002's book) and am now reading The Book of the Still. It rocks to be back.

First Things First

Go here. Right now. Don't ask. Just go. It may be the greatest thing on Earth.


I realized the other day that during one of my little re-vamps, I forgot to put back two People links. On subsequent nosing around, i realized both of these people still had me linked on their sites.*

Eeep! Sorry Ulla and Feather Boa. I suck.

I put those links back up. As far as I'm aware, that means all the links are bak up. If I've snubbed you accidentally, let me know. If -- for some reason -- you want your own link up, tell me and I'll make it so.

*This is especially awful, as Feather Boa has commented since the Cut and the site features one of Ulla's drawings.

People Really Read This Thing

...and follow the links, too, it seems. I've had now three people admit to reading this at least intermittently. One was a random guy at the Cradle (Eeep.), one was Alicia (note to self: never mention plans to marry her here again), who followed a link from my Friendster profile, and the third was someone else who got disproportionately mad at something he saw here.
*laughs in a self-reflective, semi-ironic, ponderous chuckle.

And... held over from last time...

Cool Music Stuff

*Belle and Sebastian's new album, Dear Catastrophe Waitress, is out 7 October. It'll feature a studio version of Lord Anthony which they've been doing live since 1998. It's to be produced by Trevor Horne. -insert 12 minute musical saw solo here-

*Speaking of Belle and Sebastian, I just found out the 12 inch of Lazy Line Painter Jane is available on the (incredibly difficult to navigate) Jeepster site. If only I had a credit card...

*Speaking of Scottish Pop, Camera Obscura is going to be distributed in the US by MERGE. Whoot. No more three month wait to get their stuff on Elefant. One hopes they'll get their shit together and do a East Coast tour now. (They are committed to a Llew Bedroom show). Anyway, Go Christina! Go Gav!

*Upcoming shows: The Coldsides and the Nein, The Clientele, The Essex Green. Hopefully, the Essex Green will be interviewed by WXDU (this time).

*Speaking of WXDU, the new Fall schedule starts tomorrow. I have moved on up like the Jeffersons, out of the late night bracket. My show is now Tuesdays, 10pm to 12am. Listen in this week for a Laura Llew set.

*There's a Humming Bird perched outside my window!! It's tiny! And I've never seen a humming bird not in flight. Aw! It scratched itself with its foot! Oh well. It flew away.

This Post brought to you by David Bowie "Young Americans", The Clash, "Magnificent Seven", James "Laid".

Word of the Day: Avuncular, like an Uncle. As in, I wanted to snog him, but he went all Avuncular on me and just kissed my cheek.

Current Read: The Book of the Still. The Doctor hang-glides into the sun's corona in a hut made from pages of the eponymous book. Fitz thinks he's a 16th Century Prussian swashbuckler. The grossest aliens ever, with external lungs and stomachs. Yeah!

CD of the Week: Logan Whitehurst and the Junior Science Club. With songs like "Happy Noodle versus Sad Noodle" and "Welcome Back Mr Pants", that's all you have to day.