Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Question.

Since it's Wednesday night, I thought I'd mention Animal Planet's new show, Monsters Inside Me, a show about parasites. It's oddly compelling and pointlessly over-dramatic at the same time, and it gives a distinctly contradictory message: both "go see the doctor when you get weird pains and unexplained symptoms" -- a point I probably should give a great deal more heed to, since my first reaction to any given medical emergency, up to an including basset hounds ripping my lip off, is "I'll be all right in a minute" -- and "your doctors will never, ever recognize these parasite infections and will only make you worse off!".

And the host is kind of hott. At least some of it is my weird little masochistic streak; more than I should, I enjoy the attractive but slightly snotty biologist talking down to me about how rat lung worm got its name (as the name implies, they're worms that live in rats' lungs) as if I couldn't quite get there on my own. But another part is that he looks vaguely familiar. It's taken me a few weeks to figure it out, but here goes -- I think he looks an awful lot like a guy who did a stroke vid a few years ago for A really, really good one. Followed up with an equally good two-hander (as it were).

You decide.

Here is "Charlie Duke":

And here is host Dan Riskin:

Okay, so the screen capture yanked from Youtube isn't the best shot to demonstrate the similarity, but frankly I think the inability to find pictures of Dan is a sure sign I'm on to something.