Thursday, October 09, 2003

What today has been like:

*beats face on keyboard till he passes out.
The. Whole. World. Sucks.*

*One or two nice things actually happened today, like Damo and Christina both coming to visit me at work today.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Dear Catastrophe Waitress...

So today was the release of the new Belle and Sebastian album, Dear Catastrophe Waitress. In honor of this, I've decided to post some random Belle and Sebastian and me facts. This is to make up for the fact that, due to sleep deprivation (Ask me what happened at work today, from 6 am til noon. Go on.) and general crankiness (I may well be pissed at every single person I know*. And yes, it includes you. Yes, you.) I have little rememberance of the past two days.

1) First exposure to Belle and Sebastian -- January, 1998: My friend Alise not Alice returns full of affectation from her semester abroad in London. Among her affectation, a taste for Nick Drake-like British music. She pushes a copy of If You're Feeling Sinister in my hand saying "Darling, you will simply /adore/ it**." I listen to "Stars of Track and Field" and "Like Dylan in the Movies" and decide I'd rather listen to Another Band*** and/or commit suicide. I forget about them for quite some time.

2) Next exposure -- On a trip to Washington, DC, December 6th 2000 with Cristina Rentz. She plays "Jonathan David" and I ask her who did the bad Zombies cover. She then spends 10 minutes try to convince me Nick Kildea is really Staurt Murdoch. Two days later, on the way home she plays Tigermilk. I like "We Rule the School." I borrow the CD.

3) First Album -- 12 December 2000. I buy Tigermilk, having listened to "We Rule the School" approximately 100,000 times.

4) Second album -- IYFS two weeks later on payday. In a month, I have gotten everything they've put out.

5) First concert -- DAR Hall, May 2002. With Christina. My parents are so pleased I'm going to DC with a girl, they spring for a hotel room. With one bed. Christina and I get lost on the way back from the show and drive to Annapolis, Maryland only after Christina pulls over in Burger King in downtown DC ("We're sleeping HERE!") and thugs descend like a Biblical plague. We woke up at 5 am and went to bed at 3 am and woke up the next day at 6 am.

6) June 2002 -- Join Sinister. Immediately meet Laura Llew and Lindsey Baker. Write distraught third post after finding a human head in the parking lot at work. ToriSpelling released. I listen to Big John Shaft quite often.

7) August 2002 -- Take up Laura's invitation to An Unfortunate Event. I bring Parsley Soda and White Wine and arrive in a very dapper seersucker jacket and straw panama hat. Met Ward, Llew, Flannery, Kirkus and the Boy G. Rumor has it (and far be it from me to contradict it) I have illicit sex with one of the other celebrants while Laura is outside. Umm, I think we /talked/ about Belle and Sebastian here.

8) November 2002 -- I arrive at Laura's and recieve sweet lovin' down by the fire from Flannery. I fall down several times. Am yanked into #sinister by Laura and unceremoniously nicknamed "GayJay." Attempts at other nicknames fail.

9) Later in Nov. 2002 -- Ridiculously hooked on #sinister. Can often be found No 1 in the stats. Blame largely put on unemployment at the time.

10) December 2002 -- Bored to tears on a date, I decide it's High Time to collect B&S Vinyl. They Holy Quest Begins. #sinister is amused by tales of the recently-dumped-by-an-albino-midget boy who got scabies. I am just afraid.

Okay, that's 10 Quite Interesting things. And the end of a year. It is also bedtime.

*Unless you are Trixie Firecracker or Julie Not-Sauer. Or, presumably, a Bel Ami model. Or willing to give me lots of money. Or a weird combination of them all. A rich Australian gay porn star. Oh please, if you are one, I'm easy. And good.

**She always talked like she was in the middle of a P G Wodehouse novel after she got back. To this day, when I'm at her house, I look for a constable's helmet or a Cow Creamer.

***Okay, so yeah. My boy at the time had given me a new Duncan Sheik album.

Sunday, October 05, 2003


So, who knew that the wretched little show "Charmed" had a bad cover of "How Soon Is Now?" as its theme?
I mean, a /good/ cover would have been bad enough, but a worse-than-teenaged-Russian-lesbian version?

Pfft to that. Alyssa Milano can go vibe herself.