Tuesday, March 24, 2009

People's Court Super-Fan

Now here's something I bet you don't know. There's a People's Court Super-Frea... Fan. Super-Fan.

I don't know his name; I don't know anything about him, but I first ran across him a few years ago when I actually attended a taping of The People's Court.

See, I myself am a fan of the show. I adore it. And, living in the City and all, I decided to go see it made. And it was worth it.

He was there, you see. And clearly the production staff had dealt with him before. You could tell by the tone of their voice. This time, apparently, he had shown up with a People's Court logo t-shirt. Which they couldn't (or wouldn't, maybe --it was pretty hideous) let on the air. He obligingly turned it inside out. They seated him.

As we were waiting for the taping to begin, someone (a audience relations person or some such) prepared us. She gave us the rules -- don't talk, turn off your mobiles, etc -- and then took a few questions. Which SuperFan proceeded to answer for her.

Anyway, since then, I've always noticed him in the little studio audience. He's there a good 40 or 50% of the time. Look for him: he's a little Asian guy, bald, with glasses. And he seems to almost have an assigned seat, the aisle seat on the second row behind the plaintiff.

Now you Know!