Tuesday, April 06, 2004

My, it has been a while, hasn't it?
I've been very busy lately, between work and rehearsal. To illustrate, here's my schedule for the past several weeks.

6.00 am: Alarm goes off
6.20: Actually get out of bed. Get ready for work
7.10: Arrive to work 10 minutes late
7.35: First dose of espresso after successful open of cafe (3 shots, chocolate, milk)
10.35: Second dose, since by now I'm falling asleep again (2 shots, straight)
12.30 pm: Lunch
1.59: Final dose of espresso one minute before clocking out (3 shots, chocolate, milk)
2.30: Home. Twenty minutes of FF3 before my contacts stop working
3.00: Crawl into bed and read for an hour before eyes stop working
4.00: Nap!
6.00: Leave for rehearsal
7.00: Rehearsal in Raleigh
10.00: Leave for home. Listen to World Financial Report on BBC World Service on NPR for no obvious reason.
11.00: Arrive home. Eat dinner.
12.00: Pass out.

You'll notice a distinct lack of social functions there. You'll also have to thrown in radio shows, Music Staff and time spent on preparing matieral for rehearsal.
Bleagh, bleagh, bleagh.

But it's all (temporarily) over. Waiting for Godot opened Thursday to a modest crowd. You can read an accurate, if not glowing, review here. You'll notice the lack of the phrase "...and the dramatug sucked ass" so I must have done okay.*

I also found out I got into the MA Dramaturgy program at Hunter College, which is in Manhattan. I'm still waiting to hear back from Glasgow University, but right now at least I'm leaning towards going to New York.

I've been asked to be the Assitant Director for Burning Coal's (the company who did Waiting for Godot) next show, an original work called The Man Who Tried to Save the World. It's exciting as a) dramaturgs like new plays and b) it's another professional gig before Fall and c) I'm happy about working with this director and writer. More about this later, I'm sure...

And really that's all that's happened. I beat Final Fantasy 3 today. I've been playing that for several weeks, so it was a nice feeling. But it IS a 15 year old game... I might be starting Final Fantasy 4 or The Legend of Zelda 3 sometime soon.

*This actually never occurs in reviews

This post brought to you by: The Essex Green: The Long Good-Bye (cause it's SPRING now); Camera Obscura: Underachievers Please Try Harder (on VINYL), Baxendale: "The Nineteen Sixties".

Books: Holy Blood, Holy Grail: I bought this the night I got the email from Hunter, since I've wanted to read it for ages. It's about Le Prieure de Sion, which may be an actual secret society behind the Knight Templar and whose origin is the sons of Christ, or may just be a group of Fench Aristo Jokers. It ranges from extremely well researched and thoughtful to groping for justification... I'm just not sure at which points. Interestingly, Henry Lincoln was a writer for Dr Who in the 60s.

Also: Blue Box, a sixth Doctor Dr Who PDA. I've also recently finished Heritage and Fear of the Dark.

Word of the Day: Via the above Holy Blood, Holy Grail --
The term Holy Grail first appears in the works of 13th Century troubadours, knight/poets like Chretien de Troyes and Wolfram von Eisenbach as "San Graal". This may be an accidental or deliberate obfuscation of the Medieval French "Sang Real" (same pronunciation) which in Modern French would be "Sangre Royale" and English "Royal Blood".