Saturday, September 20, 2003


It's the end of the world. It's before noon on a Saturday and I'm up and about.
The power came back on a little while ago. I went to sleep about midnight last night, so I just sort of got up early. I checked my email and was amused by a Markelby post and Ian Hobart (note to self: must link him) post from Sinister. Ian made a butt plug joke at my expense.
*as Shatner* Must find way to seek Retribution!
Or even better: *as Shatner shouting "Kaaahhhnn!" in Star Trek II* "Iiiiiiiiaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn!

I fled yesterday to Chapel Hill, where they had power. (I spent a good hunk of Thursday loading the contents of Whole Foods Market into the back of a refrigerator truck. Woo hoo.)

I bought the new New Pornographers album (Electric Version) on vinyl (less than $10!). It has a cute little Space Monkey on the cover. Shawn, the owner of CD Alley was working and we talked about the album. As always, he knows a disturbing/fascinating amount about me. Or bluffs really well. I always wind up changing the topic to music (No one actually listens to my show, so there is no way he a) knew I played NP or b) knew I moved from a Midnight show to a 10 pm one).

Then I went to The Book Shop and bought a copy of The Country Gentlemen for $2. This was a Restoration comedy by George Villiers and the Duke of Buckingham that was personally suspended by Charles II. The day it was slated to open. So it must be very mean indeed. Buying this made me feel very academic, which is good as I am Officially Applying to Graduate School. (There's a really amazing program done by the American Rep and Harvard that gives you a MFA from Harvard and the Moscow Art Theatre School. I will not get in. I may not even apply. I'm much more likely to get in at Brooklyn College or Ohio University. Sigh. I wish I was smarter and richer.)

Speaking of disappointment, I found a copy of Logan Whitehurst and the Jr Science Club's album. At Schoolkids (yuck). But I had already spent my music money. I hope it's there in two weeks.

Anyway. Tonight is the Pox Empire records show at the Cradle. They're giving away a compilation at the door with tickets. It's all local bands. I can't afford to go, so of course I'll be there. It starts at like 8, and I don't get out of work til at least 9.
*as the little zombie at the end of Buffy* Grr! Arrgh!

Friday, September 19, 2003


I have no power and am dying of Boredom. Literally. I even have money for a change, as today was payday.
Stupid hurricane.

Speaking of which:

Actual Hurricane Isabel Discussions at My House

Me: *Comes home in the middle of the storm (winds at 50 mph), wind slams door as I come in*

Idiot Roommate who lacks Style: Did you have to slam the door?!

Me: I'll go out and ask the Hurricane to stop, shall I? She seems a nice girl, I'm sure she'll oblige.

I. R.: *can't think of suitable response. Walks away.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Whenever I get this way, I just don't know what to say.

I'm at work today and we're listening to the 80s Channel radio. To my (greater or less) surprise, New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" came on.

Does anybody know what the hell that song is /about/? I mean, it's one of my favourite songs, but I never really thought about it before. The lyrics make no sense.

Also, WXDU apparently came under attack today in the Duke University newspaper. Apparently some columnist has no idea what the purpose of Independent Radio is and had decided WXDU should become a Top 40 station. The so-called destruction of File Sharing was somehow involved too, but she was fairly incoherent about that causal relationship.
And -- this is the great part -- she misquoted Kelly Q (the station manager) by suggesting we have 50 listeners a day.

Poor girl. She's going to be savaged by a dozen angry hipsters.

Sunday, September 14, 2003


Hmm. Eric's been here for the past little while and almost all my time was (rightfully) dedicated to hanging around with him. It was more fun than I can remember in a long time and I was so happy while he was here.
But now he's gone.
I updated my reviews and lots of great stuff happened (Essex Green! Condoms! Bojangles! A New Dr Who book!) but I'm not in the mood to write, I'm in the mood to pine.
I'll have plenty of time this week though.
*As John Nathan-Turner* Keep Watching!

This post brought to you by: The Smiths, Hatful of Hollow. "Reel Around the Fountain" is such a great song. It's woefully underappreciated.