Sunday, March 21, 2004

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The BBC announced the new Dr Who today.
Christopher Eccleston.

He's been in 28 Days Later and Cracker, both of which I own on DVD, and therefore, are swell. I very much approve.

The writers have also been anounced for the series: Russel T Davies, who created Queer as Folk; Mark Gatiss, of The League of Gentlemen; who with Paul Cornell established the New Adventures (Cornell also recently wrote BBCi's Scream of the Shalka and wrote this months's EDA based on it); Stephen Moffat wrote the 35th Anniversary sketch with Rowan Atkinson, The Curse of Fatal Death.

The series starts filming in a few weeks, to be broacast next November.

...My only shame: This guy knew about the new Dr Who before me.

Anyway, your local Nighthawk is off to drink a toast to new Who!