Wednesday, April 14, 2004

And If A Double-Decker Bus...

Still, not a lot interesting to have happened. I finally got around to a mess of email correspondance, to some online music magazines and some friends.
But, here, of some import to the world, proof that Morrissey is in fact a prophet and mighty man, despite his latest release:

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out*

Speaking of keen music, Camera Obscura was on the Gilmore Girls tonight. It leads me to say: "I /told/ you they'd be popular." Just like Franz Ferdinand. And just like Architecture in Helsinki will be.

Just call me the Indie St John of the Wilderness. And I bet if he hadn't had his head cut off, he'd say "I told you that Jesus would be popular," as well.

I probably should go on about the qualities of the Spring, the yellow-green buds that adorn the trees, the flurries of dogwood just inside the local woods, the return of birdsong to the air, the perfect blue of the sky et al. But it's been pissing down lately, which is nice because it removes the pollen that coats everything. Nothing like a layer of jizz on everything outdoors...

And yes, I'm still cogitating in the 28 Days Later/Dawn of the Dead piece.

Post brought to you by: CO, obviously; Essex Green, The Long Goodbye; The Luckmsiths, Midweek, Midmorning EP; and by default The Queen Is Dead by the Smiths.

Book of the Day: Dr Who: Loving The Alien. Giant Ants! British Space Programmes in the 1950s! Parallel Universe infiltrating our own! It's the sequel to Illegal Alien, my favourite BBC Dr Who Story! Whoot! Maybe I'll soon have a handle on the 87 plot strings!

*This news item brought you via Ms C. Pigtails.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Alas, nothing interesting has happened to me lately.
Friday was nice: it was payday, so I went out and bought a few things: Jonathan David by Belle and Sebastian on vinyl, Dr Who: Scream of the Shalka, and Blackadder II on DVD.
I also saw Dawn of the Dead this weekend. I may write a decent piece on its relationship to 28 Days Later.
I also tidied up the Template around here as well.
More intelligent writing later.