Thursday, September 18, 2008

Southern Comfort*


I'm in Charleston, despite the fact that SC officially discourages my people from making it a deliberate destination. The smell is appalling.

I'm all kitted up to do a sword-fighting demonstration tomorrow night for the release party of Brisingr, a few hours away in South Carolina's up-country, so I have cutlery, WD-40, Brasso and a charged-up iPod for driving music. If I'm lucky, I won't get pulled over: the authorities don't look to kindly on transporting dangerous weapons across state lines (although I guess I've already done that bit, and anyway, I'm pretty sure I can persuade the SC Highway Patrol that a Norman broadsword is just a big ol' Bowie knife).

In other news, I'm pretty sure that my brain is in need of a diagnostic. I was watching an ad for Steven Bochco's** new series, Raising the Bar. Oh, I thought, I'll watch that. the lawyer lad seems intriguing. Until I realised it was Mark Paul Gosselaar. Zack Morris. Eight-six that, then.

But almost immediately afterwards, I watched an ad for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (season premiere tonight) and thought, "Now that Charlie Kelly is rawr."

*Of which I haven't had since a cast party in college for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, one of the few parties I've ever been to with photographic evidence.

**In semi-related news, this is the most intriguing item of the day.