Saturday, December 14, 2002

My Life is Now Complete

So yes, I had a very successful 12-hour date with what I am increasingly considering my boy.
Yeah, I got paid.
Yeah, I got to eat for the first time in two days.
Yeah, I saw the new Star Trek movie.
Yeah, I played a fabulous Looper/Gentle Waves/Amphetameanies/Snow Patrol/Mum/Belle and Sebastian set on a prime time slot.


I bought If You're Feeling Sinister ON VINYL!!!!

*groans orgamically*
I may never, ever go anywhere or do anything ever again.
Shit: Judy and the Dream of Horses is on now...


Tuesday, December 10, 2002

I grow old... I grow old...
I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

I simply should not have gotten out of bed today.

The best thing that happened to me actually happened yesterday. I heard a version of a ballad about Water Raleigh that appears in the Lost Colony, but all Blue-grassy.
"If I sink her in the lone and the lonesome sea, if I sink her in the lonesome low..."

Other than that, all I can say is I've gotten double karma for lambasting somebody yesterday.
(Even though most of it fell after I changed the damn post.)

And to top it all off...
(gods, a pause here effect is not unwarranted)
I've gone and made Llew mad at me.

Christ, what I fuck-up I am. I know: my parents always gently remind me of that, but usually I can come up with a defense against it. Not today. Not now.
I'm poor, dumb and alone. And I suspect/know I deserve it.
I can hear my parents guffawing in their own endearing manner, letting "See... We were right about that, as well" fall out between gales of hooting.

Now here's the really funny part: I can't even afford a bottle of malt liquor to drink myself into/out of a humor.

"I have grown old before my time,
If ever young I were.
Ambition was a grievous sin,
and grievous was my wage.
My hope is scattered in the wind
And yet it drives me on."

There's an overpass near my house that I sometimes walk over. I always wonder what it'd be like to jump off.

Monday, December 09, 2002


My. That came out 100% nastier than I expected. At least I never mentioned him by name.
Being a Gemini, I expect by tomorrow I'll have either completely forgotten about this or completely forgiven him and resume raving to others about how utterly witty and fab he is and how lucky to have such a hot boy. Mercurial nature/new shiny metal objects and all.

See. Gone already.

I Wish She Were Mine

Conversation today with Charlotte, the cute hippy who runs the cash register at work:

Charlotte: "Yeah, there were lots of naked people there [a Phish concert]. And they were attractive. No money for food, you know.

Me: "Well, they wouldn't have, would they, what with shrooms and pot and Strawberry wine to buy...":

Charlotte: "What about the last concert you went to?"

Me: "Which one? Trembling Blue Stars, Mum, Lambchop, Portastatic, Jett Rink, Cold Sides or Belle and Sebastian?"

Charlotte: "Oh."

Me: "Yeah, the hipsters, they don't go in for the nudity."

Charlotte: "Yeah. When you're naked, you don't look at the shoes, really."

Me: giggles uncontrollably for the next hour

Who says the outsiders don't understand us?

Dr Who of the Day: Arc of Infinity
The bestest comment ever about this episode, inexplicably set in Amsterdam: "Dr Who is the only person ever to run 20 minutes through downtown Amsterdam without passing a retail outlet for sex, drugs or porn."
It's also the only episode that's poof-tastic. After getting kicked out of a hostel (?!), fey little Stewart gets hunky Colin to bed down with him in a crypt. AND Colin is wearing a Fun Boy 3 t-shirt and neon pink socks.
Unfortunately, an anti-matter chicken comes in and beams Colin away

Perhaps it's just as well Carl doesn't put out...

On an unrelated note, the guest star for this episode is Michael Gough, as in Alfred, the guy who cleans up after Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson in the Batman movies.

Word of the Day: Ataraxia -- calmess of mind. Amusingly, almost the opposite of ataxia.

*No, not local public house. Chatroom, hence the inefficacy of snubbage.

**I actually don't remember how tall he is. Everything else is bang on, though.

***As if this matters. No doubt even as I sleep, I shall receive vengeful comments/tags/emails.

Sunday, December 08, 2002

Doesn't the site look lovely?
Ms Llew is the one to thank. She did a marvelous job, didn't she?
Everyone, let's make cookies and send them on to her!
(I would if I could, Laura...)

Ho hum, ho hum.
Work was still quite busy. Much hot chocolate was drunk.

Dr Who of the day: Terminus, Parts 3 and 4.
Olvir's still cute, his girl companion is still Scary 80s Spice. Large hunks of the story remain unexplained. What is the Garm and why is he on Terminus. Why are the Vanir slaves to the company? Why don't the Lazars get hydromel? And just where do they go?
Nyssa leaves the TARDIS. Tegan, alas, does not.
Oh... amusing, if you squint, I suppose, like most of the Fifth Doctor's era.

I haven't seen BWWBR since before Thanksgiving. He may be dead. As long as I get my rent, I don't really care. Theoretically, it worked well last night, as I did, in fact, bring a boy home. In practice, as we did sod all, it was merely an academic point.
My goal: to make Boy spent some gruellingly agonizing time with a boy of mine alone. Small talk, indeed. I always want to say, as the tart of the week drunkenly reels about my bookcases:

"So tell me, just how drunk do you have to be not to be able to fuck? I mean, I suppose as a Total Whore you can do it unconcious, but where's the fun? Oh yes, you haven't HAD Matt yet! *chuckles* Well, you'll soon find out."