Saturday, October 26, 2002

Where did I put my Vitriol?

So, tonight I fought the law and I won.
Driven by hunger, I took my 1953 $2 bill to Chic-Fli-A. I got my little combo meal, and satand ate it quietly. As I was walking out, I was accosted by Mall Security Officer X. (He thinks he deseves the capitals, anyway). The 14 year old at the till decided since he had never seen a red-seal bill that it was a fake. He told the manager (17), who had Mall Security Officer X detain me till the Police came to charge me with passing a counterfeit bill.
And indeed, the Police came. We all -- Teen Team Leader, idiot cashier boy (you'll excuse my vitriol, here, as this boy was the sole reason for this event), Mall Security Officer X and PatrolChicCop -- stood around out front of the store in the lovely University Mall discussing the transaction. We were soon joined by Officer K9, PCC's partner. The transaction was again described.
At this point, I should mention I was flat broke. I had brought just enough money for my combo. I have no bank accounts (any more) and no credit card (that isn't overdrawn). This was mentioned each time, along with my promise to bring in $2 on Monday to correct the situation.
We were then joined by a team of detectives. They took one look at the bill and said it was real.
I wasn't counterfeiting.

Teen Team Leader felt bad enough to give three free Sandwich cards.
I'm not sure I'll use them...

I picked up a sub shift a XDU tonight, 12 to 3 am. It's an extra hour longer tonight, because of daylight savings.

I'll talk about my new job and other stuff later...

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I Don't Do Cutesy. And Neither Did My Cat...

...Until today. TBWWBR got some shoes from Steve Madden in the mail today. When I woke up (late, since I had a show last night), Murph was curled up in the shoe box, asleep. His tail lay just outside the box. It was like a phreakin' Hallmark card.
He's usually so butch...

In other news, I am seriously considering having crush on someone on the Sinister mailing list.
So yeah. As the chances are (very) great that if you're here you are on said list, I think the exact identity I'll keep up my sleeve, as it would be doomed to ridicule in any case...

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

A basic fact of life:
Everyone (and I here mean everyone in the world) loves two things:
The Police (as in Message in a Bottle, Walking on the Moon, Roxanne, etc.)
and French Fries (even if they're confused and call them chips).

I start work tomorrow. Yay!
Dr Who of the Day: Image if the Fendahl, part 4: More yay! It's great: gestahlt entities go around bein' scary. salt killing things, skulls mutatin' o' folks. Classic Who...
I'm still reading the Fellowship of the Ring. They're in the Barrow downs now.

Word of the Day: theodylite. It's the semi-telescopic-thingy surveyors use to gauge distance. It's my favourite word in the world to say.

Oh. I had fun tonight...

Monday, October 21, 2002

It's Come Over All Lesbian

Pickles: Someone just threw a rock through our window!
Oblong: It's probably the angry lesbians next door.

The BWWBR has just learned of the thriving lesbian community hereabout. Fascinated, he's commenced to taking smoke breaks and such with and generally communing with them.
It's quite odd. A nice couple moved in upstairs about six months ago, apparently opening the flood gates. There's a little community of maybe 10 or a dozen in the complex now. I used to keep track of was living with/sleeping with whom, but it got quite complex, and as I was completely disinterested, I stopped paying attention.
BWWBR finds it all quite interesting. I anticipate he's waiting for an ideal pairing to come along before he suggests a threesome, but as they tend to make out frequently on the stairs outside, he may just dive in at an ideal moment.
I say this with complete, if bemused, detachment. I only consider them in terms of nice-person-ism (I'm sure there's a proper word for that, but I'm too foggy to be bothered, frankly), as I find going around after girls quite odd, really, but who am I to judge.
On a similar but fundamentally unrelated note, it was suggested to me in a manner serious, innocent and completely English in origin, that I should attempt to find a book called Tipping the Velvet at the local library. *smiles*

JayleMurph: "Yes, Ms Stern Spinster Librarian (and I do like your hat*), I should like a book called Tipping the Velvet. It's about Victorian rent boys/lesbians/transvestites. It may even be considered erotica. "

the local population expires. several women swoon from the vapours. one screams.

SSL: Bubba! Come up yonder and beat this gay boy!

*Bubba pounds JleM while everyone strikes up the tune "Dixie" some wave The Stars and Bars*

I'd rather just order it off the internet, really.

Dr Who of the Day: part 3 of Image of the Fendahl and part 1 of Silver Nemesis. After a few beers, it seemed absolutely necessary to watch Silver Nemesis. Don't know why: it's the same story as Remeberance of the Daleks, the story before, and it makes the Cybermen look silly. In a weird twist of fate, the Cybermen of the mid 60s were much scarier than the later models. You have to hear the original Tenth Planet voices (imagine 1979 machine voices) or the later alarm-clock buzzer voices. "Youwillbelikeuzzzz". The little flap over thier mouths that falls open when they speak it sinister.

Oh! I saw Theatre of Blood today. I Heart the British movie industry, all seven people involved. In this sadly under-rated pearl (starring Vincent Price and Diana Rigg), a madman living in a rebuilt theatre witha troupe of mad homeless people (Mab's company) goes about killing all his ruthless critics. In ways from Shakespeare's play: a stabbing from Julius Ceasar, ambush and horse travel from Troilus and Cressida, burning at the stake from 1 Henry VI, "some old queen ate her children" (an old queer and his poodles, here) from Titus Andronicus, and beheading from Cymbeline.
All this and a gratituous scene in a fencing school.
I first saw this with one of my professors in school.

I also saw The Maltese Falcon for the first time. I also love Peter Lorrie.
We rented mad movied from Visart Friday night, and I am right in the middle of Ultraviolet, a cheaply made Channel 4 show about vampires. We also got Freaks and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I'm still hella sick. I really felt bad for the first time today.

*A little joke for all you Jane Austen fans

Sunday, October 20, 2002

How I wish anything interesting had happened the last several days.
But it didn't, other than me coming down with a cold. And getting an interview at the Carolina Inn (imagine Upstairs, Downstairs in a NC University setting).

Last night's consumption of rum (it was Friday, after all) lead to two odd dreams in three hours of sleep. The other five were spent tossing and turning. At one point in the night, I remembered both, but one escapes me now.
The second went like this:
I was the butler in a very posh household that looked like UNC's South Building. The night of a very ritzy party, I was the doorman. An Asian dude in silver and midnight blue robes comes to talk to the master. Apparently, in days gone by, they were lovers. (Master, since then, has developed a wife and children.) After he explains his grand passion, I decide (against my better jugdement) to get him a job as a dishwasher so that he might see the Master. We go back to the back (see the above Upstairs, Downstairs refererence) and he begins working.
Presumably, later they meet, since the next thing I remember was this incredible, supernatural fireworks as viewed from the terrace. In front of the sea.

While I have done a few odd bits, I'm too tired and too ill to repeat them now.
We'll talk later, you and I.