Thursday, December 11, 2003

NOW it Works. I See How It Is!

Stupid Blogger not stupid working last night!
Anyway, Monday was Eric's birthday! Go send him belated greetings. I got to talk to him twice: once on AOL and once on the phone. It seems he had a good birthday.
He got Chinese Food and a Chocolate Peanutbutter Cake to eat.

(In comparison, I got... Oh. I got a dinner at 'The Texas Roadhouse' in Hickory where the waitress messed up every course of my dinner -- notably I got a House Green Salad with Ceasar dressing. "Why would I order a green salad with Ceasar dressing?" "You did!" "I didn't. I ordered a Ceasar salad." "Oh. Yeah. I got the Ceasar part right, though!")

Anyway, I'm coming up with a brilliant idea for his birthday/Christmas present since I was broke (and still am) for the day itself.

Today was my day off and I did /nothing/. Well, not nothing. Read. Talked in #sinister. Watched TV. But it was my first day off in over a week, so I guess I'm allowed.
I also found out last night that my Dr Who article (or the first part thereof) had been published in Friends of the Heroes -- link is to the left -- which I was pretty sure didn't accept it. So now I have to come up with the next 1,000 words. But this is always a pretty good impetus to spend time every day writing again, as is the fact that 15 pages or so of a play I had written have disappeared. :(
Hell, I also need to be doing more research for Waiting for Godot and filling out Financial Aid forms.

Hmmm. Me = slack.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

A Dullish Day

Unlike Miss Laura Llew, I hardly ever have witty repartee or sexual hijinks in my work day to discuss. After going in on my day off yesterday and working an extra two hours today to cover a co-worker in the midst of a post-breakup pyschofunk, all I have to quote is this about seeing regular customer outside of work [and not being recognized]:

"If some coked-up Soccer Mommy doesn't know where her daily latte comes from, then scew her!"

Do I need to say it was me saying that?

Other than that, it was Trivia Night (Reptiles, Cult TV and Explorers were the categories and Opera was the Music ID). There weren't very many people there, and other than the delightful company -- Christina, Alicia, Keith, Kate --it wasn't very interesting.
From now on, I'm calling Alicia "Dink", as in the Bond Girl.
We came in second.
[Although, in his frock coat and ugly waistcoat, Jeremy the Skanky Bi Host looked like a... well, needlessly skanky version of Patrick Troughton as Dr Who.]

To make up for a dullish post, you can always go here and rent Lichtenstien. Yes, for real. And yes, the whole country.

Sunday, December 07, 2003


Just in case it's not up when you read this, the Google Banner ad above read thus:

"Search: Beefcake | Additional Search: Belle and Sebastian"

Wow. A succinct and interesting comment on my life, no?
Work is Weird, Part II
Or, Actual Customer Conversation

A guy walks up to me today. Imagine him as a frat-boy hipster poseur: trucker cap a few months too late, Gap clothes attempting to look chairty shop cool, the irrevocable stains of Dave Matthews on his taste... Did I mention he was so stoned he could barely walk?

Frat Guy: I know you...
Me: I don't think so.
FG: Yeah... You go out with that hot chick.
Me: I'm pretty sure you're thinking of someone else.
FG: You were at... the show. Yeah, the one, you know. You were... like, both wearing hats.
Me: stares at him
FG: She's hot, man.. Like... (laughs) Hott.
exit Frat Guy

I *think* he means the Manitoba/Broadcast show and I *think* he means Alicia, as we both wore hats to that show. But by that same logic, I also go out with Bendte, Viva, Forrest and Casey Burns, who were all within three feet of me.
I now have images of the Chapel Hill's hippest orgy...

Also at work, someone in another department attempted to steal our "Order Specialty Drinks at Cashier" sign. Now, I love this sign with a deep passion, because when people bark orders at me, I smile sweetly, point to the sign in front of their face and say "I'm sorry. You need to WAIT YOUR TURN and ORDER AT THE CASHIER. Thanks!"
Without this sign, my little coffee shop would desend into Chaos not seen since the first milliseconds after the Big Bang.
And she just walks over and tries to take it away. No "Do you mind if..." or "Can I take this...". I tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen, so I called in the store manager.
Of course, then we all had to discuss the situation and reach a Whole Foods-y compromise. But I kept the sign up with the important bits on.
Damn straight, Bitch! You don't mess with my sign!

I mentioned earlier my Excellent Mixtape for my trip to Deleware. It went like this...

"Radio" by Pitty Sing, from the s/t EP
"The Boy With the Thorn in His Side" by Bis from The Smiths is Dead Comp
"Electric Version" by the New Pornographers from The Electric Version
"T-Shirt Weather" by the Lucksmiths (illegaly downloaded)
"Take Ecstasy with Me" by the Magnetic Fields, sung by Claudia and not
Stephin, also illegally downloaded
"NYC" from the Interpol album Turn On The Bright Lights
"The Late Great Cassiopiea"by the Essex Green from The Long Goodbye
"Happy Noodle Versus Sad Noodle" By Logan Whitehurst and the Jr Science
Club from the disc Goodbye, My 4-Track

Side II
"The Eccentric Dr Who" by Malcolm Lockyear ans His Orchestra, from the
album Who's Dr Who
"I'd Feel Better" by the Rosebuds from the Merge Comp Survive and Advance
Vol II
"If She Wants Me" by Belle and Sebastian from Dear Catastrophe Waitress
"Yes Sir, Yes Way" by Des Ark from Pox World Empires's Compulation Comp
A song from Pig Lib from Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
"Arigoto We Love You" from the Pizzicato 5
"Candy Pants" from the Jett-Rink album