Monday, February 17, 2003

Celebrate It!

Today, o folks, I deem it the

International Day of the Minx.

That's right. It's Maddie's birthday today.
To help us all think appropriately Minxy-BookshopGirl thoughts, a few keys phrases to memorize and slip into your daily conversations:

"The Perils of being a teenage slut: it costs a fortune in accessories."
"It makes me feel like a cheap blowjob round the back of Kristal's Nightspot."
"I want to go back to 1994 and lose my virginity to Morrissey."

Yes. I feel now closer to the MinxMindframe*.

Quote of the Week

Andy: Does the idea of the girl turn you off?
Me: Straight sex is so... unappealling and inartistic.
Jayward: Is there anything you're not a snob about?

Book of the Day: still Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Potter slashfic found; I was to grossed out to read the one story I found, a Lucius Malfoy/Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter story I found.

Dr Who of the Day: Ghostlight, parts 1-3. A simple story of a crashed spaceship and its occupants in Victorian England. That evolve and leave husks behind. And are a subject to a semi-omnipotent being sent here to catalogue every species on Earth. This is, of course, exclusive of the attempt to kill Queen Victoria, how Ace burns the occupant's house in a hundred years abnd the destruction of the planet in a Firestorm program.
Confused? You should be. It took me watching it at least 4 times to figure it out PLUS reading the novelization of the script. Worth it? Possibly, fifteen years later, I'm still not totally sure what's going on.
Althought the bugs coming back to life was creeep-pey.

Word of the day: wold -- a high, rolling treeless area. Think Lincolnshire.

It's all snowy and icy today. Work shut early, which was bad as I REALLY needed the money. I may go in early tomorrow, but I don't really want to. I'm at Tense stage regarding money: I've got a registered letter from the Landlord I have to get at the Post Office tomorrow. Bodes ill, I say.
I'm also hungry, as I'm broke and have no food. This is probably why I'll go in tomorrow, just to get food.
I've also considered looking to BE someone's roommate, rather than looking for one. Anything to stay here.

Soon I plan to re-start the Grad School search -- any help greatly appreciated. I really want to find some school in New York. (NYU has a writing program I absolutely WILL NOT fall in love with.)

I met someone online today who literally lives across the street. And a #sinister boy at that. Some above comment probably applies here, as well.

Recommend Television: Foyle's War, a series on Masterpiece Theater. Criminal Investigation during the Second World War, before the Blitz. Stars Michael Kitchen. Very, very good.

Oooh. I'm cold and lonely and tense and uncertain. I don't like this at all. I'm sick of being Poor.
I'd better shut up before I start an extended rant that nobody wants to hear.