Sunday, October 20, 2002

How I wish anything interesting had happened the last several days.
But it didn't, other than me coming down with a cold. And getting an interview at the Carolina Inn (imagine Upstairs, Downstairs in a NC University setting).

Last night's consumption of rum (it was Friday, after all) lead to two odd dreams in three hours of sleep. The other five were spent tossing and turning. At one point in the night, I remembered both, but one escapes me now.
The second went like this:
I was the butler in a very posh household that looked like UNC's South Building. The night of a very ritzy party, I was the doorman. An Asian dude in silver and midnight blue robes comes to talk to the master. Apparently, in days gone by, they were lovers. (Master, since then, has developed a wife and children.) After he explains his grand passion, I decide (against my better jugdement) to get him a job as a dishwasher so that he might see the Master. We go back to the back (see the above Upstairs, Downstairs refererence) and he begins working.
Presumably, later they meet, since the next thing I remember was this incredible, supernatural fireworks as viewed from the terrace. In front of the sea.

While I have done a few odd bits, I'm too tired and too ill to repeat them now.
We'll talk later, you and I.

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