Wednesday, January 08, 2003

"All that we ever see or seem..."

I hardly EVER have nightmares. My life is sufficiently fucked right now not to need subconscious nonsense, but apparently last night, my soul disagreed.
I had four. Seperate. Nightmares. In a row.
One, I absolutely cannot remember, but here are the rest:

Dream the First:
This is also dimly remembered, but involved a series of pyscho-trippy roller coasters with extremely steep hills and plunging depths and tunnels of gnashing teeth and lasers.
Also, each coaster train, I got on with the gang from Scooby-Doo. The animated Scooby Doo, it's worth noting, not the Sarah Michelle Gellar/Freddie Prinz, Jr. film ones.
I never got to sit next to Freddie.
Or Daphne, for that matter.

Dream the Second:
My driving with my parents in their early 90s Lincoln Towncar over this HUGE bridge. Apparently, it crosses a river between Arkansas and Kansas. (Yeah, I know: it was DREAM.) The ascent was very steep and on the first attempt, was so steep as to be vertical. The car stopped going forward and fell backwards.
The second attempt, we made it to the top only to find that the gap between the roadway and the top strut of the bridge was not enough to admit the car.
The bridge itself was highly reminiscent of the Delaware Memorial Bridge I crossed twice last week.

Dream the Third:
This was the most involved. I came home to my apartment to find BWWBR had thrown a huge, drug-infested party. In my bedroom (In the dream, utterly pimpin', unlike real life) was the wall fixture on chains from the cieling with dozens of candles on it. One of Matt's friends had lit all the candles and swung the fixture, spilling wax all over the carpet. This incensed me, and I tried to throw them all out, but couldn't.
I walked out to find the apartment was actually in my old dorm. But instead of being 10 stories, it was about 40. I walked to the top and found my Grnadmother there with a bunch of old ladies in bleacher seats. She tols me to set down.
The bleachers were on a square of floor that was on a rod that telescoped out maybe a quarter of a mile really fast. It turns out the dorm was where my Grnadmother's house is, and all the old ladies did this to see all the gardens around and to relax.
We zoomed around in several directions foe a while...

I have now remembered bits of Dream the Fourth
It was another I'm In High School dream, where I can't find my locker. This time, I knew which bank of locker it was, I just couldn't find the right combination lock. Oddly, I did not the combination.
(I can never remember combinations.)
There was something about being late to lunch, too, but I forget.

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