Friday, January 17, 2003


As a part of my New Year's Resolution to read the newspaper much more often, I bring you this article. .

For those of you unfortunates not in the know, Cheerwine is the king of all sodas. It's a cherry-esque soda brewed in North Carolina, and marketed in NC, SC and parts of TN, VA and GA. It totally rules.

My thanks to Kristen Idleberry, the cutie who hooked me up with Norwegian translation of "Cheerwine".
For the record, she also speaks Nynorsk and the other Norwegian tongue, Swedish, Danish and Finnish.
And she's not blonde nor helmet with horns.*

My other Resolutions include: exercizing more, being on time more and reading more quality books (i. e.: Portrait of a Lady rather than Dr Who: Combat Rock).

*Joke, K., joke. Hotties never wear armour.

And from last time:
*I did, however, order a free sample of Astroglide. We were talking about the site, and I went, and was totally intrigued. It was really well designed, in as much as I notice these things. Did you know it was invented by NASA? Be a patriot: use some!

Go here.

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