Monday, February 10, 2003

A Boy and a Girl and Boy Equals...

I have other stuff I should talk about, but this -- hands down -- is the most interesting event lately.
I was asked to be in a threesome.

It was by this couple who come in quite a lot at work. Her I knew vaguely in school (we had the same piano instructor and I think she was in 1 or 2 of my Art History classes). Him I knew from the store. I had talked to him several times and thought maybe he was coming on to me. I didn't know till after that he went out with ******. (Her name, by the by, is a sylph in certain Daniel Handler novel. No, not Flan.)

Since I knew them both, and they came in during my lunch break, I sat down with them for a bit. In between, actually, not realizing I had been manipulated there. I thought it odd when she mentioned she had wanted to ask me out in school (I had thought about asking her out, as well) and if I was seeing anyone. I thought it odder when she asked me what I thought about certain goings at a club called Hell, but we /had/ been talking about the Chapel Hill social scene.
And well, then they asked.
Amazingly, I didn't spit out my chai all over them both. Equally amazingly, I didn't go "Nonononono!" I was so shocked I only managed an ever-so-polite "Well, I'll certainly consider it." They seem well pleased.
All I really could think was "Wow. How different would my life be if I did go out with her? I mean, a girl who lets me sleep with boys?!"

Will I say yes? Not even I know the answer to that.
(Yes, he is totally cute. She's pretty, as well.)

Speaking of loving girls:

I know she never comes here, but Laurel is responsible for me being here now. She told me to go talk to the Landlord about the Roommate copping out and consquent lack of money. We sorted something out. Things'll be swell if I can find a roommate by the end of the month.
I'm even managing to pay off the odd few bills as well.
But not the DSL bill. Which is pretty steep. They're disconnecting this week. I can still get to the internet at work, so no real worries, but the lack of #sinister will be a bit jarring. If everything goes as planned, I should pay of that bill within a few paychecks. Or get a new kind of (cheaper) ISP even sooner.

I Love Laura Llew

She sent me a package in the mail for Valentines Day. He he he!
It had The Austere Academy (fits of giggles) and a very promising-looking novel called Thus Was Adonis Murdered, which besides having an intriguing title, has a Gorey print on the cover.
[Note to self: include a link to an Edward Gorey site very soon.]
Chocolates were seen in abundance as well -- and don't think I didn't notice the delicious Andes Mint.
With no nuts.
Best of all was Lip Balm of the Gods. My cracked, dried lips never had it so good. That stuff roX0rs my soX0rs. I even carry it in the fifth pocket of my jeans, 'cause you know:
(It's the next logical step from WWDPD?)

Right, In Your Best Mr Humphries Voice...

Also, less fascinatingly, a conversation from work:
George: Sir, are you being served?
Me: "I'm free!" *dissolves into a fit of giggles for several minutes*

Book of the Day: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Dark. Scary. But promises to have more Oliver Wood in the next film, so completely acceptable.

Also, tomorrow: more reviews and fascinating comments, but I wanna sleep now.

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