Sunday, March 30, 2003

My Mind Is In The Gutter, Or At Least On The Loading Dock

I've noticed in the past two or three days there are lots of cool places in my store to make out on the down-low, yo.
I also know exactly why I've noticed.

Low-key Hokey

Not completely unrelated to the above post, there are SO many cute boys who work in (well, one) or come to (lots and lots) my store. I coined the above term as I was silently drooling over this adorable guy I delivered coffee to (dark curly hair! glasses!), trying to keep from exclaiming "Oh my hokey*" at the top of my voice and thinking "Be low-key, yo**."

Teething Troubles

So I moved yesterday. And wasn't it fun?
The Major all but killed my bed (My bed, o sweet refuge! How I love it!). And this was the least of the day's trauma. I'm about to be swallowed by all my crap and just short of repenting of all worldly goods except Indie Pop vinyl and Doctor Who novels from 1977.
The biggest pain is no Internet connection. I'm hoping to fetch one Friday, when I get paid an can a) pay off my checking account overdraft so as to b) use my Visa-endorsed check card to get an ISP.
This means short blogging from work. See also above.

Quote of the Day: Brian: "Who needs Four copies of Wuthering Heights?"
Me: "Well, there are some pages stuck together in the Heathcliff descriptions."

*Indicates possible Llew over-exposure
**Yeah, I really do think "yo" in my head. Sad, isn't it?

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