Sunday, April 27, 2003

Scenester, Hipster
Indie, Emo

So remember this post about me being mistaken for a Ryan McGinty indie-type model? (26 Feb)
So the Raleigh News and Observer finally got around to printing the story that evolved from that fiasco. They were really pissed I wasn't one of those kids, so I'm not actually in the story but it sums of the local scene with amusing precision: "You can be on a high horse in a one-horse town." He he.
Actually, they do a pretty piss poor job. Chapel Hill, local scenester paradise gets the short end of the stick and the OCSC gets a "granola" description that is so not true. But still.
If you want to be a hipster, apparently one must read this.
But be prepared to laugh your proverbials off.

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