Friday, May 09, 2003

So.... What did you do tonight?

I saw these groups: Esther Drang, Stratford 4 and Pedro the Lion.
I talked to the leader of PtL about what they want to hear played on the radio.
Actually, it was Night of the Emo Kids. I was by Far the Oldest About that Night. I discovered they'd got the old school video game Crystal Caves in and played that at length (and got the High Score and All).[ And played them all through the opening acts. Yeah, so the Stratford 4 desperately want ot be the Cure from 1993...]
The Major used to take me to the Little General Convencience Store on a Friday night to play 75 cents worth of Crystal Caves when I was 4. It says something -- I dunno what -- that I got further tonight than ever with him around, even drunk as I was. Also, I was 18 till I knew its name was actually Crystal Caves and not Bentley Bear...
They also had Galaga and Ms Pacman, also old particular favs.
Then I met Pat.
He left his home in Charlotte to see Pedro the Lion. He got a flat tire on the interstate, like 6 miles from the Cradle. He needed help.
Oh yeah. He was 17. As in High School. As in: I'll miss my final exam tomorrow morning! As in: "The Smiths? Who? And who are this Belle and Sebastian you keep nattering on about?"
{As opposed to the Dirty Old Scotsman I also met -- from Glasgow, who was, well, old and dirty)
We met a ramdom dude who gave them a new tire (Gave!) to drive back home with.
Lucky, lucky pretty boy (with curly black hair and all) who didn't meet a dirty old man who'd take advantage of them.
Sad, sad old man who didn't press his advantage, really.

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