Friday, August 29, 2003

So I Went to a Show

You can read about it here and here. That has about all the good stuff in it, but chances are great you'd have read it before.
I also went to a show last night. It was Nekko Case and her New Pornographers. Turns out, it's pronounced like "Nico" as in the Velvet Underground German Smack Addict and not "Necko" as in the tasty, old fashioned candy wafers. File this under the "Gee, /Daniel Handler/ is in the Magentic Fields?" and "Joy Division and New Order are the Same Band?" category of Things Jay is Officially the Last to Twig Onto.
In case you have to ask, yeah, it was quite swell.

I think I was going to post more, but now I'm all mad and am forgetting stuff I wanted to write.

So briefly:

A Few Nice Music Things:

Um, no. Fuck it. Later.

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