Tuesday, September 23, 2003


I went to bed last night in a bad mood.
I woke up (at 5.30 am) in a worse mood and have spent the rest of the day finding reasons to be more foul-tempered. Blah blah, my book order at Borders hasn't come in, people at work are stupid (a latte with extra foam is a /cappachino/ so you have to pay MORE), and other equally trivial stuff.
I have several reasons not to be in a bad mood -- Belle and Sebastian play here next month (tho' this also is a cause for foul-moodedness in and of itself), I have a promo copy of their album, ceded to me by Viva le Fearsome and it's great (Lord Anthony! Roy Walker!) and Saturday night (the Pox World Empire Records show) was ever so much fun.

Still, I have reasons for not liking boys and girls (and who does that leave?) and am still just plain old petulant. Or is that Petullant?*

Where is Laura Llew these days anyway?


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