Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig
or, The Long Road Home

I'm back. A day late.
My car died, you see, just outside Baltimore. I dunno the town named, but it was on Highway 175 East, off I-95. I stopped for gas, and my car (ailing now for some weeks) decided not to start again. And I had no money.
I futzed with it for over an hour and then gave up .

Well, he took me back to his house, fed me and put me to bed and then today took me back. The car works now (apparently), but I had no money for gas, so I literally drifted back into town on fumes. Getting to work tomorrow will be fun. Work itself will be fun, since I missed a whole day. I just hope they believe it since they knew I was going away with my boyfriend.

So, other than that I had a fine time! The majority of the time was spent sitting around doing not much else besides cuddling and watching TV or DVDs: Fawlty Towers (The Corpse and the Kipper, Pyschiatrist) Buffy (Witches, Teacher's Pet), Ghost Busters, Star Trek: First Contact and a lot of crappy TV.

The Highlights:

I saw Laura's radio persona on the highway with the vanity tags: MC Hokey.

Nature: We saw Horseshoe crabs. I'd never seen any before and we saw two! We also saw migrating Monarch Butterflies and geese*.

A walk on the Boardwalk. We went into an Arcade and I played for the first time on a slot machine. I won 2 tokens. We then played skee-ball, where we won more stuff. We got a little plastic dinosaur and a plastic ring.

Dinner: We cooked our own dinner (twice) and ate at the dinner table like real grown-ups. Go us.

Christian Radio: I listened to massive amounts of this through Northen Virginia right on up to Delaware. Gay Marriage will "directly cause the end of Western Civilization." Apparently. Not that Canada and Vermont have descended into Barbarous Chaos. Have they? It also makes me wonder if Jesus would have let them hammer in that last spike if he was actually aware of the truly hideous music (not to mention the sheer quantity of it) this act had inspired.

The Pope. Has. A. Scooter. Seriously! There's a Pope-Scooter he rides around in. I so need one of those now. Talk about your Holy Rollers! Hahahahaha!

And we did at least one other thing to pass the time.

It was pretty much the perfect weekend getaway, and it was capped off my dinner.

*does a little Grover-from-Sesame-Street, full body wiggle and says "Yaaaaay!"

Current reads: The Basic Eight (Oh. So. Good. ) which I am recommending for the work Book Club. I was supposed to read it this weekend and then give it to Amanda to read for Club selection. Of course, I read about 20 pages and remembered it's my favourite book ever and have to finish it before I hand it off.
Also, Doctor Who: Blood Heat. London as a jungle. Dinosaurs. Twenty years of alien invasion. This is so much better than when I read it 10 years ago.

Current Music: 69 Love Songs, Vol. 1

Reason Laura Llew Rocks: She gave me a copy of The Basic Eight.

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