Thursday, January 01, 2004


Tonight ruled.
I had a dinner party. I made Beef Bourgingon, Alicia (who brought her friend Kevin) brought this super-keen Pumpkin Eggnog Pie, Keith and Kate brought Super Spanish Spinach and much fine wine (almost better than we deserve, really); Amanda, Broccoli dip -- so, so good; Karen, lemon tart; and Jackie, pink champagne.

All the food was not just good. It was Damn Good.

Also, we opened a gift. I may just keep it. It was loved by all!

Then we went to K&K's and had a little Buffy Marathon. "The Pack" and "Halloween" for anyone keeping a record. We left after two to clean up and watch some more Extended Version Lord of the Rings Part 1 (My first rented DVD).
I'm off to do that now...

*sighs tiredly but very happily.
My friends rawk.

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