Tuesday, June 22, 2004


So it's been a while. I've been busy. I worked on a play for Burning Coal theatre in Raleigh, The Man Who Tried To Save The World. I was the dramaturg and assistant director. What with my day job and all, I was working 18 hours a day. Not much time was left for anything else.
Allow me to go over some salient points that will lead up to my relaunching of this site:

--I applied to graduate school, at Glasgow University and Hunter College in Manhattan. I got in both places.

--Hunter College gave me money to go there.

--I'm going there.

--Which means I'm moving to New York.

--And moving there with my boyfriend.

Which means this place will be an opportunity to document that. What with me being from a small town in North Carolina originally and a small city there now, it's sure to be filled with all manner of comic misadventures, like Green Acres in reverse.

*thumps pitchfork twice

Some Common Questions Answered

Aren't you excited?
Yes. Sometimes. Right now, my car is going through the last stages of its protracted death (complete with death rattle), and I am very poor, so right now I'm pre-occupied with managing to ge the car fixed somehow, still make it to work, and still save money for the upcoming move. I have visions of the whole thing falling through, and me working a crappy job at Whole Foods Market forever.
Vivid visions.
At night.
When I should be asleep.

Aren't you scared?

Not really. I'm too stupid to be properly afraid of New York at this point. I don't even regard it as hell, as all well-brought-up Southern boys should. It still seems kinda cool.
I am concerned about getting around. I have no -- and I mean this literally -- no sense of direction. I can't wait for amusing stories of me wandering the city lost.

Aren't you happy?
I got into grad school. That was the big thing, the thing that proved something to me. Making it work out will make me happier.

Nervous about Moving In With Someone?
Not until married people/people in LTR tell me how good it is. "Oh," they say "it's great you're moving in together," in roughly the same tone as the pod people who say "Jooooiiinnnn Uuuussss" in bad 50s films.

Tell Us Your Specific Plans!
Uhh, thanks Parent/Well Meaning Friend/Nosy Customer as soon as I know something, I'll pass that on...
It may be just a few weeks away, but the plans are still sketch. Saves ruining plans, anyway.

So there. Plans for the future.
Send me money now and I'll name a stupid occurrence after you -- "The Laura Llew Wandering of Queens"!

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