Sunday, April 30, 2006

K-9 and Co...

Dear Blog:

I thought the worst part of tonight's Doctor Who episode ("School Reunion") was when I had /genuinely/ inappropriate thoughts about David Tennant as the Doctor, with his glasses and assumed role as a teacher. So Hot.

Turns out, I managed to wake up some guy with my generally inappropriate giggling when K-9 appeared, and then proceeded to bawl like a baby when... later events in the episode transpired. But still, it makes me generally doubt our relationship when Sarah Jane Smith returns in a series of Doctor Who and he says "Uhh, yep" instead of dancing a happy dance.

I will end this post saying it was my favourite episode of Doctor Who ever, including "The Pyramids of Mars" (mentioned in tonight's story) and "Genesis of the Daleks" (also mentioned).


feather boa said...

i'm madly in love with the new new doctor (especially when he wears his glasses). and also rose was wearing my pirates t-shirt at the end of this ep, so i had a sort of vicarious thrill of being on the show. much like when rory gilmore wore the reading is sexy t-shirt that ll and i both own.

Laura said...

Oh Mr. Gayness, when will you update again?

Also, I hope you had a wonderful wonderful birthday! I sent a package your way last week so I'm hoping that it got there in time and that you had a fantastic day!