Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Just Noticed Something...

Ever since the BBC (well, Warner Bros. for the BBC) has been releasing DVDs in the American market, they've felt the need to replace the British release covers. And without exception, the US releases are hideously ugly. As in "Oh my god, put that /down/: someone might see you!" ugly.

I will, for sake of example, use the release of Remembrance of the Daleks, where the dichotomy is most obvious:

Yes, in the last few moments of the story, a Black Dalek goes mad and spins around a bit, but I've yet to determine why the designer put two in full spin on the US cover, nor why he thought a sort of neon pus color would be an ideal background.

But with the release earlier in the summer of the Under the Surface* collection, the US and UK releases have been identical! Hurrah!

*Oh, how I long for this! However, since it took me a month to scrounge together the cash for The Time Meddler, I won't see this collection -- which is more than double the price -- for ages. It's not like I don't already have all three stories it contains on trusty BBC Enterprises (RIP)
VHS**, but it's still a better buy than, say, Time-Flight at any price.

**Well, The Silurians and The Sea Devils. I still have an off-air recording of Warriors of the Deep -- "WUNE-TV. Channel 17, Linville." Cor, that doesn't half reveal my age. Or level of sadness.

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