Sunday, October 27, 2002

An Odd Word To Use...

So in reading recent Sinister posts, an odd word cropped up. In a post from the possible crush, no less. Suffice it to say, use of this word (and it's rare, believe me) by anyone would induce swooning, but from this person, it was immediate and intense*.
What is the word?
Who used it?
It's my secret, dammit.

In other events, I have started my culty job.
When I lived in Manteo, many moons ago, many of my friends worked for the Full Moon Cafe. They spoke rapturously of the job, and treated the owners, Paul and Sharon, as if they were dieties. I always thought that was odd, but let them go about their days, as you might with an amusingly harmless cult (Oh... they marry their kin... How quiant...).
Turns out, they were right. I worked there the next summer, and I'm here to tell you Paul and Sharon should be treated like gods. It was -- without question -- the best job I ever had. There was free beer, hanging out, free food, games, and any other service you can reasonably require. He did make us jump off the bridge to Ice Plant Island once a week, though.**
My new job at Whole Foods Market is a bit like this, in that everyone is really happy to be there. Staff and customers. It makes it a really nice place to work. (Which is an odd feeling.) It's often a bit boring, but it pays well. I have an interview at the Carolina Inn's dining room Wednesday (I already had one. It seems to be going well).
I'll have to work there for a bit before I either get a real job, go back to school or move to London.
I'll probably save up and move, though.

I'm hungry. There's no food left here. I only eat food left over from work. Paycheck time is soon, so no worries. Murph is slightly peeved, though. His dinner tonight was grilled tofu.

I'm still reading The Fellowship of the Ring. I'm on Book II, now.

Dr Who of the Day: part III of Silver Nemesis. The Doctor beat the Cybermen, the neo-Nazis and the 17 th Century lady.
Just in case you were wondering.

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