Saturday, November 02, 2002

So everything has been rather boring.
On Halloween, I thought I had the day off. I had an interview at the Carolina Inn, but the manager had mistakenly sceduled it for her day off, so now I have to re-scedule it.
When I got back from that, I had a message from work that I was late. It turns out they changed my schedule without telling me. I went in and work for two hours to help them close up early.
I then went to see Ghost Ship. I was the only one there. It was pretty bad, but it was Halloween and I felt like something spooky. It took itself a bit too seriously. It could have benetited from some kitch power.
It did have one nasty-ass scene where a steel cable whipsaws through a deck of dancers in 1962. Barf. There was this great bit where everybody looks around, not knowing what happened. Then they all literally go to pieces. One woman tries to re-attach her lower half before she croaks (He he. It was silly).
Juliana Margolis saved the day. Fortunately, the cute guy didn't die first, though he did die. The cuter boy turned out to be all evil and stuff. Not a big problem, really.
After that I Talked To Llew!!! I promised to play her a set on my show. I did. It was great. After 'Radio, Radio' by Elvis Costello and the Attractions, my show's themesong, I played
Autumn Sweater by Yo Le Tengo
100,000 Firelies by SuperChunk (originally done by the Magnetic Fields*)
Laura Laurent** by Bright Eyes
Hand in Glove by the SMITHS
and Gillian Welch's Red Clay Halo.
AND Laura was awake to hear it. Yay! Yay! Yay!
She liked it, too. *blushes*
I just started a new slot, Fridays, 3 to 5. I like the guy after me, who is quite cute. I don't like the guy before me, who cut into my show 10 minutes, had like 6 other people (you can only have 1 geust) and was smoking (dope and tobacco) in the Control Room so that it reeked. Icky. And it ruins the equipment.
The show went well and time flew by. I got other requests (Rocky Horror and Little Shop of Horrors) and played some creepy Halloween Stuff, like Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and Who is the Doctor? and the original Dr Who theme. I also played some great new stuff, like the Snitches.

When I came home, TBWWBR had rather inconviently passed out in the bathroom. He was sitting against the door, so I couldn't even get in. This pissed me off disportionately.

Today was quite boring. I went to work and rented a movie and got Wendy's.
Then I wrote this.

*I forgot this on air, but will amend next week. I was reminded by le Llew.

**So this uber-sexy, super-siren of girl who's smart as whip with a deadly wit has an ad at Salon under the name LauraLaurent. Go see it, if only for her picture. Check out the eyebrows and the smile.*'

*' If you, like me, are moved to kiss her. Let me know. As founder of the BTKLF, I can hook U up.

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