Tuesday, November 12, 2002

So the past few days have been sehr boring.
The Fun Hang-over continues.
I'm low enough on funds that I can't do much.

The bright point of the day was Boy Who Works in the Same Market I Do (BWWiSMID). I served today (a la cafeteria line, a job I have once a week) and he came by twice.
He has these magnificent dark blue eyes and is quite very cute. He's blond and tall and indie kid-esque. I can tell by the way he smiles as he walks away that he knows I'm swooning after him. I can almost but not quite look like a jabbering like an imbecile.
He's so straight, but it so doesn't matter.*

Amusing Smiths reference of the Day:
A guy freaked out when his lattes took more than 17 seconds. When he started to bitch, wanting to know what they would be ready, I was finishing up. As I turned around with the drinks, I smiled and said "I see... You want to know How Soon is Now, yes?"

It's actually been an entire week since I was at Llew's. I honestly have a hard time believing it.
Fortunately, I've been tarting around #sinister, the Undernet chat room for the Sinister Mailing list. Llew is there all the time, so there is frequent converse. I also can talk to Jayward (the original Jay to my Autre Jay), Brian (the joannou.net founder and potential dreamboat), Markelby, Ken Chu and so on and so on.
It's like a poor man's social life.

I need to start tarting around for a Christmas/New Year Llew Experience.

I've at last finished The Fellowship of the Ring and am 75 pages into Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I'm thinking of starting The Two Towers and a book of 16th Century City Comedies that is called The City Girl and Other City Comedies (it has The Shoemaker's Holiday).
I have to finish Harry Potter before I see the film on Friday and Two Towers before it comes out.
New BOND next Friday!

I've not seen any Doctor Who in the past several days, though I did watch Cybermen: The Early Years (The Moonbase parts 2 and 4, The Wheel in Space, 3 and 6) and The Daleks: The Early Years (parts from The Dalek's Masterplan and the Evil of the Daleks).
I'm in the middle of my favorite story, Pyramids of Mars.
I'll comment on these later.

Also: With Laura, when we went to Brevard, we spent some good quality time at a coffee shop called Essence of Thyme after we ate a Big Mike's. They had the best Hot Chocolate in the World. Really. And a piano.
They had these silly little blank books wherein retarded 12 year old and Brevard College students (if there's any difference) wrote in things worthy of a high school yearbook (Don't ever change!; Be where you are!) I wrote in a vomitrocious story about how Belle (who was really Lazy Line Painter Jane) met Sebastian, the King of all the Hipsters.
Llew, the Queen of all things Cool, merely wrote caustically spot on comments in the book.(Though she wants to marry the coffee store boy, I will marry Llaura.)

Before I got up properly but after I first woke up, I had a bizarre dream. I got up out of my real bedroom and went into the main room and turned on a 27 inch TV.
But it was the main room here. It was the main room of the first appartment I ever had in Kill Devil Hills. And I only have a 13 inch TV/VCR combo). That's pretty much the dream.
This apartment, though is dear to me. Like in the novella Breakfast at Tiffany's, it has memories. It was in a converted beach-house a block from the sea. The estate agent put up pulp board to seperate the old rooms into flats. We had two rooms: One had a bunk bed and a queen bed and a dresser. The other room was a little larger with three chairs, a table and a counter.
The other room was different. It had a white clapboard wall. It had originally been built as a screened in porch and was lit by a single porch light. It had also subsided a bit so one side was about 10 inches below the other, and the room listed about 12 degrees. You couldn't put anything on the counter because it would fall.
I lived there with two people for four months (at $900 a month for 250 square feet -- suck that NYC people -- AND it was my first place!).


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