Thursday, November 14, 2002

So... It's late.
I've spent much longer than I anticipated talking to someone on #sinister.
It was quite nice, like a restaurant after it's closed and everything's quiet, and the wait staff is pointedly ignoring you.
Like a big public space shrunk down for two.

What is #sinsister, you ask? I'm sure I've mentioned it before.
However... I've just decided to go to my warm, snuggly bed whilst I still feel warm and snuggly myself.
So yeah...

Scary girl from work smooches me!
Just what is this #sinister anway?
Addenda from past two entries descried ( *, **)
The same damn quotes from Llew I've been meaning to post for a week!

I have a show tomorrow night, at 3 am (8 am GMT) for two hours. Follow the link above to 88.7 FM.

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