Wednesday, December 04, 2002

So, yeah. I've been all slack of late.
As promised, the major points of late.

Last Saturday was the WXDU/Radio Free Records Benefit at the Duke Coffeehouse. It was a fund-raiser for my radio station and for this ace recordstore that was broken into and needs to recover funds. I was supposed to meet Aruni there, but she didn't feel well and wisely stayed at home.
I got... fucked up... beforehand (BWWBR gave me festivity to pay for late bills. Against my normal credo, but it *was* a special event.)
Christina, IGP, was there moments after I arrived. I talked to her for a goodly while, when I saw Neil, the Recordshop Boy. Turns out he's in this band called the Cold Sides (I think). This occupied my attention for a great while. Then I bought a WXDU shirt.
Then Viva's band, Jett Rink, went on. Scary, but fun. He got covered in Gold Bond Medicated Powder.
I volunteered to help clean up after, so I picked up any number of beer cans/bottles. I talked to Viva after and despite having met AT LEAST six times, he had no idea who he was. The last time was the previous Thursday (two nights before) when I literally fell over his feet at the station.
I was out till 4 that night.
I saw so many people I hadn't seen in months and felt, for the first time in months, like a real member of the Indie Community.
Neil even recognized me after the show and said hello.
Of course, I just stared at my feet and mumbled.
I mean, Hello! He can't just walk up and talk to me like that!

The day before Thanksgiving, I saw my friend Jamie at work. I'd not seen her since... May, I think, when she moved to Nantucket for the summer. She's back now. I've talked to her twice, and I anticipate in the near future getting drunk with her at Henry's and stumbling down Franklin Street, singing Belle and Sebastian.
This is a big deal, seeing Jamie, and it absolutely made my day. She's quite lovely, folks.

When I went home the next day for the holiday, one of my tires blew out. Like, blam! And Swerve! I BARELY made it to an exit off the Interstate, which luckily had a filling station. Some man took pity on me and helped me put on the spare. When I got to my Grandmother's house, no food was left.
I got to spend the next hour cruising round town trying to find a new tire. No joy, of course. But I did get a stereo version of "What were you thinking? Why did you let your tires get so worn? You're a danger on the road! Are you daft, driving like that?"
Then they saw I needed an annual safety inspection (since 1 Nov., actually) and an oil change. Bitching only intensified.
I left early, so as to make my radio show. My show went from 3 am to NINE FUCKING AM, since the other two djs (5 am and 7 am) Japped out on me. I did play some great stuff, though, the Maybellines (new BiG Deal), Jackie O Pillbox, El Gato. I also played a massive local music set, with Cold Sides (he he). Mayflies USA, and this great new local comp called Patchwork.
I had to work an eight hour shift that Friday at 11 am, which was hella fun.

But the weekend made up for it.
I went to fiddle with my Nerve ad. I added the picture of me Laura took went I visited her. When I was done, I "Matched" myself, and for the first time got a match within, like, 20 miles.
I sent him a little message, and he wrote back. Yeah, folks, I was stunned as well.
This was on Saturday, I think, and then on Sunday night we met. We went to Henry's.
It was SO quiet there it was bizarre. Quite nice, though, for our purposes. We talked for a couple of hours, till the bartender turned on the lights to toss all five people out.
He had never been to Henry's before (I know, I was shocked as well... I mean, I was there by my first week in Chapel Hill, and this was before it was THE cool place). Apparently, he doesn't go out much, which I have a lot of respect for.*
He was SO tall -- 6' 3" and was kinda quite cute (he had sehr cute glasses, Llew). And very funny in a very not-predispossessing way. You can see his profile at under "Ataxia." He works at Weaver Street Market, the major competitor to where I work and right next door to Elmo's, oddly enough. And he works with the girls upstairs. He's an English major who wants to be a writer.
Prefers cats to dogs, stays up late, doesn't watch TV, like British Sitcoms.
Has never heard of Belle and Sebastian!! But then again, at some point, none of had. (In 1998...)
He seems to me very... pre-Indie, I think would be the term. Like, not in the scene but completely primed for it and would so fall for it. Interpol plays her next week, and I'd love to take him, but man, Interpol, if you don't know the crowd and the sound, could be freaky. I mean, Viva will be there, for god's sake. And he scares me at times...
He says that he doesn't kow-tow (points for vocab, there) to gay sub-culture. This I approve most strongly of. He doesn't go for the boy of the week club (*wipes brow in relief*). He told me that he only starts serious relationships with friends, with the intention of a regardless of romantic relationship, always remaining friends.
Yes, I know, terribly, terribly naive. But I like the idea of someone who can think that.
I should mention that the only real thing I thought twice about was the fact that he's 21. I mean, that doesn't seem so young, but well...
I still kinda like him.
I think we're going out again, but we've yet to determine where or when.

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