Saturday, December 07, 2002

So, tonight was date night. It went well, I think.
Well, well-ish.
All I can say: KISS ME!
I mean, really: I can't put out till you make a move!*

Work was hellish. We were one of perhaps three places open in Chapel Hill and people were phreaking out. "Is there caffiene in my water?" some lady asked. Ickle.

At least the power came back on... after two days and two nights. I have wax all over the place now from the candles. It was SO cold: 18 degrees last night, 15 the night before. There are close to 60,000 people without power. Even in this complex, only a few building have power: out across the parking lot, it's dark.
(There was a severe ice storm Wednesday night... over an inch of ice on top of maybe two inches of snow. There are states of emergency in Durham and Chapel Hill, and EVERYTHING is closed. There's even a curfew.)

I spent last night reading The Two Towers by candelight. Charming. (I'm still in the first book -- Book III of LotR.)
I missed Carl last night -- we were to meet and didn't -- and could only find a crackmart for food: a biggie-sized Hershey's Nutrageous, two Ding-Dongs, a bag of Pork Rinds and a 6 Pack of Natty Light. This was the entire day's meal, as well. I had to beat back the desire to fuck a goat and watch NASCAR.

Dr Who of the Day: Terminus, parts 1 and 2. Oh... Olvir is a cutie. And the TARDIS break-up is freaky. And the Lazars are odd (first sign of the disease: you shed your clothes for nasty rags). But dig those 80s spacesuits: capes and bubble helmets. *wags eyebrows* The Future Is Now, baby, and it looks good.
I'm making up my mind about the Garm and the Vanir, and how the whole Norse overlay works.

Word of the day: Ataxia -- a loss of co-ordination.

Reason Laura Llew rocks: Check the comments feauture!! And comment! If I'm a good boy, there could be anew header, as well!

In completely unrelated new, I have picked out Ms Llew's Christmas present (he he he!!).
It's plus que fab!

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