Sunday, December 08, 2002

Doesn't the site look lovely?
Ms Llew is the one to thank. She did a marvelous job, didn't she?
Everyone, let's make cookies and send them on to her!
(I would if I could, Laura...)

Ho hum, ho hum.
Work was still quite busy. Much hot chocolate was drunk.

Dr Who of the day: Terminus, Parts 3 and 4.
Olvir's still cute, his girl companion is still Scary 80s Spice. Large hunks of the story remain unexplained. What is the Garm and why is he on Terminus. Why are the Vanir slaves to the company? Why don't the Lazars get hydromel? And just where do they go?
Nyssa leaves the TARDIS. Tegan, alas, does not.
Oh... amusing, if you squint, I suppose, like most of the Fifth Doctor's era.

I haven't seen BWWBR since before Thanksgiving. He may be dead. As long as I get my rent, I don't really care. Theoretically, it worked well last night, as I did, in fact, bring a boy home. In practice, as we did sod all, it was merely an academic point.
My goal: to make Boy spent some gruellingly agonizing time with a boy of mine alone. Small talk, indeed. I always want to say, as the tart of the week drunkenly reels about my bookcases:

"So tell me, just how drunk do you have to be not to be able to fuck? I mean, I suppose as a Total Whore you can do it unconcious, but where's the fun? Oh yes, you haven't HAD Matt yet! *chuckles* Well, you'll soon find out."

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