Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I said "WHAT?"

Last night, despite feeling ill, I went to a show a Go! Studios. I was supposed to meet a boy there. He didn't show up but I knew enought people there to have fun. But Go! is tiny and I forgot earplugs and, coupled with stopped-up ears from my plague, shouting "WHAT? I CAN"T HEAR YOU!" has been the order of the day.

The Show

It was started by Kill Rock Stars group The Quails from San Fransisco. They were quite good, in a girly/shouty/Sleater-Kinney way. Vocals were split between to the two girls who shouted their stuff with gusto. Umm, I didn't see the whole set (fashionably late, you see) but I liked them. I'll play them on my show. Actually, what was best about them was this: I didn't /know/ I wanted to hear something that rocked that hard, but I did. It was exactly right for what I needed.

The next act was called Hella. They were also from California, from Sacramento.They're also on Kill Rock Stars (as are, oh... Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, Mary Lou Lord and Xiu Xiu). I didn't care for them. They were two guys -- guitar and drum. No lyrics, not much melody. The technique was incredible, granted, I mean these boys can play, but it was like pieces from an exercise book. There was nothing to like, really, and nothing to do but marvel at their skill. But like poor Baroque composers, that's all you noticed. No soul.
I did notice the crowd during their set. There were maybe three or four dozen people there, all decked out in IndieCool clothes. I was intrigued by the girl in the plaid skirt and cardigan in front of me. She had perfect Indie hair. There was also the boy I dubbed "Stephen Patrick Morrissey, aged 19, is alive and well and living in Ornage County." There were the very dull dykey lesbians with mullets and flannel shirts, the cute boy working the door (and I do mean Working the door), Viva (who Doesn't Know Me*), Kate, IGP's roommate and the Quiet Dude who leaned in the corner and didn't say a word. What amused me most was Jay's Rule No 3: there are no average-height Indie Kids. All the short people were in the front and the tall people (Viva most noteably) in the back, all arranged very sweetly.

The Aistlers Set was the headliners, so they went last. They rock. Hard. Two guitars, bass, keyboard (swoon) and drum kit, with glockenspiel and trumpet thrown in. Amy, one of the guitarists, played trumpet and guitar at the same time, which I thought was impressive. I once proclaimed them "Pure poppy goodness" on air and it's true, although as per their site I should thrown in "post-punk" as well. Everyone bopped; everyone danced; everyone had a good time. It was fun. They played new stuff. They played old stuff. The girls cracked each other up. At one point Jen told Amy "You're so cute tonight!" It was sweet.
(I talked to Jen in between sets, before I knew she was in the band. She was gear!)

Book of the Day: I finished Cold Fusion. They killed the Patient. I was shocked. (It's hinted she was the Doctor's wife, you see.) The destruction at the end was amazing. A whole fleet blown up.
The characterization remained great, each Doctor doing his typical thing. Doctor 5 is worried about the Patient and her TARDIS; Doctor 7 about an alternative race of Time Lords and their entire Universe. And in so doing, mucking up each other's plans. There was great tension when the Doctors met, since the Fifth is the Quintessential Nice Guy (he wears a cricketing costume, for Christ's sake) and the Seventh is an evil plotter. The ending is apropos: Forrester, the 7th Doctor's companion, decks the younger Doctor into amesia.
Anyway, it was interesting to see how the violence that surrounds the Doctor and often is ignored is highlighted with a single shot.

Dr Who of the Day: A t-shirt! At work! Like a really old one: it had the old diamong logo (pre-1979) and was distressed and perfect! On a girl! Red shirt, yellow silk screening! I asked her how she got it (gift years ago from her father) cause I SO wanted to buy it. Off her. Right then. But I didn't cause I was broke.
Le sigh.

Word of the Day: "Beraht" It's an Anglo-Saxon word that means umm, sort of 'bright and shining or notable'. It's a particles that goes to make up lots of names: Albert, Cuthbert, Dogbert, Egbert, Filbert, Gilbert, Herbert, Norbert, Robert were the ones I could up with quickly.
What's your name mean, then?

This post brought to you by: "Owls Go" by Architecture in Helsinki. An Australian band that Phil the World Traveller sent me. It's actually a bit Aislers Set-y and B&S-y. I am in love. Wanna hear? I'll be playing them soon on air, but I've got two mp3s for you, if you want.
Dude, Ask for it!

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