Monday, March 24, 2003

I'm Sick Dammit!
Or, no jaunty headlines here

I'm sick. I haven't slept properly in two nights. I'm all achey and tired and bitchy. And every time I cough, it feels like my head is going to explode. I turn into a baby when I'm sick. I really want somebody to take care of me, bring me soup and powerful cold medicines. Or least just to cuddle a bit with.

New Links
Patrick left a comment the other day. I think it was his subtle attempt at saying "Hey! Go look at my site!" I'll save him the trouble: Hey! Go and look at his site!
You really should. He's a photographer with some really nice work on his site.Well, as much as I know about photography, I think so. It's like dance or painting or any other art I can't do: I admire it to distraction, but can't comment terribly well. Also, his domain name is from a great Belle and Sebastian EP 3... 6... 9.. Seconds of Light (It has my favourite line in B&S, from "Put the Book Back on the Shelf" -- "Sebastian, you're in a mess, you had a dream they called you the King of all the Hipsters. Is it true or are you still the queen?"* -- AND the song "La Pastie de le Bourgeosie"). He also has the ending .tk, the first I've seen. Very cool.

New blogs: Ulla's, Feather Boa's and Damon's.
Ulla does pictures for her posts. They're entrancing (the Pocketbook Angel is one of hers as is the image of Llew at her site). They have an initial simplicity that gives away to a really remarkable complexity. It's something in the shading, I think, and how the line drawings engage the memory. Pretentious sounding, I know, but I think the simplicity here is similar to some line drawings in modern art (Think Pollack or Giacometti).

Feather Boa is a York Sinister girl. She asked me questions about Theatre. This means I love her. Also, the first time I saw a Weather Pixies was on her site. I also am given to understand she's /very/ hot**.

Damon is a local boy who literally lives down the street. He's very political and has a lot of links to different news sources and does a lot of thinking about the war. He eats a lot of cheese.

A Few Random Links

I've been meaning to post this for several weeks:
The history of a madman. This is a site that shows how an artist fell into schizophrenia. It has portraits he did of his cat as his disease progressed. I don't know what it means, but the last ones I find absolutely mesmerizing.

The Lord's Prayer in Ebonics , in Klingon and Elvish.
Also, in languages I'd like to know: Provencal, Romantsch, Frisian
and Gothic.

Engrish: what more do I need to say?

Book of the Day: Cold Fusion. A Dr Who book. I stopped reading Thus Was Adonis Murdered half way through because I was filled with the desire to read this book. I don't know why. It's good though: the 5th Doctor meets the 7th. Written by Lance Parkin, so you know it's good. The characterization is spot on, and the plot is complex and believable. It makes the best of the novel form by having things the TV series could never do, like fleets of Adjudicator ships (space police of the future) and an ice planet setting. That works very well. Everything there is frigid and that comes across.And then there's the Patient (geddit: Doctor and his Patient?), and interesting relationship that is very fuzzily defined.

Word of the day: Fucknozzles. A Will Porter-ism, I admit, but the single most satisfying curse I;ve heard in a while. It's fulfilling just to say: lots of consonants and enough syllables to get really invested in saying it.Say it over and feel the release! I may name my first child "Fucknozzle".

Reason Laura Llew rocks: The Cat Mask. Oh yeah. Vinyl and Llew = a match made in heaven.

This post brought to you by: The Aislers Set. They play here tomorrow night. Duncan Sheik plays Wednesday. WXYC 80s party Saturday night. Oh yeah.

Exterminez-Vous! Exterminez-Vous!

So, I downloaded this hysterical bit from Kazaa. It's a comedian (Billy Bragg, maybe?) talkign about Doctor Who. The first half is him describing with his keyboard an old episode, and how one man did all the sounds and music, amd how terrifying it was for a little kid back in the day. Now, this is funny stuff and very clever -- it's accurate, which is the best stuff.
But then! He says, "But when I listen to it now... It sounds like 60s Belgian Jazz." Then he does a version of the theme song in this grand 60s Sergio Mendes/Serge Gainsbourg manner with this HYSTERICAL voice over! "C'est lui... en la nuit... Docteur... Qui! Il voyage en la TARDIS, le boit de phone... L'enemie s'appelle Davros! Il est demi-dalek et demi-homme! Fantastique! Il veux controller le monde! Controller le monde! Toujours controller le monde! Aupres petit dejeuner controller le monde! Mais... il n'est pas realistique!"
Man, just ask and I'd love to send it to you!

Also, I move on Saturday. Yay!

*There's a story, all right. Yes indeed. But later. Another post.

**Source wishes to remain anonymous

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