Friday, October 03, 2003

All Dancing. All Singing. All Naked.

*in a deep cheesey voice, as one selling beef products* Round these parts, that's how we celebrate this kind of day. Dancin'. Singin'. Cavortin' sans clothes.
Cause today is a special day. A joyous day.
That's right, it's a porn star's birthday. And not just any porn star, a Laura Llew star.
Fetch your garters, Grandma. They's partyin' to be done!

Reasons I thought about Laura Llew today:

1) For no easily discernible cause, there was a plastic bottle of Unpleasantly Flavoured Water in our cooler at work today. I have not seen any Unpleasantly Flavoured Water since the Unfortunate Event last year.

2) I saw Llew's new sweetums at work today, when he was in with Darren Jesse. Unfortunately, before I could get a fat man to sit on him til by interogation was over, they had left the store.

3) In a discussion of PBR, I told (again) the store of Mrs. Llew singing the PBR song in church to great mirth.

4) I was sorely disappointed that she wasn't at Elmo's the other day, cause she would have beat Alicia to the punch with the French Comment. Also, she would have laughed at least as much as me.

And none of this is particularly birthday-centric. This is a pretty typical "Thinking of Laura" day.

Oh well. Go have a threesome in her honor, yo. Take some chocolate with ye.

*14 Days till I see *my* boy.

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