Tuesday, December 09, 2003

A Dullish Day

Unlike Miss Laura Llew, I hardly ever have witty repartee or sexual hijinks in my work day to discuss. After going in on my day off yesterday and working an extra two hours today to cover a co-worker in the midst of a post-breakup pyschofunk, all I have to quote is this about seeing regular customer outside of work [and not being recognized]:

"If some coked-up Soccer Mommy doesn't know where her daily latte comes from, then scew her!"

Do I need to say it was me saying that?

Other than that, it was Trivia Night (Reptiles, Cult TV and Explorers were the categories and Opera was the Music ID). There weren't very many people there, and other than the delightful company -- Christina, Alicia, Keith, Kate --it wasn't very interesting.
From now on, I'm calling Alicia "Dink", as in the Bond Girl.
We came in second.
[Although, in his frock coat and ugly waistcoat, Jeremy the Skanky Bi Host looked like a... well, needlessly skanky version of Patrick Troughton as Dr Who.]

To make up for a dullish post, you can always go here and rent Lichtenstien. Yes, for real. And yes, the whole country.

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