Saturday, January 17, 2004


Eh. I had to go home yesterday to get a new computer. (Don't be excited it was cast off from my parents' office.) Not so bad in and of itself, but I was woken up at 8 am by plumbers plumbing in my bathroom. Also not so bad in and of itself, but I was up til 4 after the Jett-Rink show.
So I had to drive home stinky and greasy. Then I had to have dinner with my parents in Hickory, where we promptly got in a debate/heated argument/shouting match over Paul O'Neill.
Then, getting home, the computer was all bitchy and refused to behave properly. Now I have to go home and call Verizon tech support and be treated like an imbecile... ("Is the unit plugged in, sir?")
Also, I woke up too late to shower before work, so I am again stinky and oily.


ANYWAY. Tonight is the Rosebuds, and Kate T is having a soiree beforehand. I'm bringing pie.

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