Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Today Did Not Suck...

The weather the last few days has been exactly what Winter ought to be but never is hereabouts: snow on the ground, very cold but bright, sunny and clear.
Today was the last of such days: it was clear and sunny, but much warmer, melting the snow.
Other than that, today went quite well. I met with one of my old professors today. We talked about the schools I want to go to, and how to apply -- like, what IS the purpose of Statements of Purpose. Turns out he knows the professors of one school I'm applying to and is happy to write letterS of recommendation. And look at my Statement. Whoot.
Then today at work they finally started the remodelling of our cafe that was supposed to have started in May. I did the majority of the prep work and was thanked by several levels of leadership. More whoot.
More excitingly, we made plans to have dessert and drinks and Kate T's house before the Rosebuds show Saturday night (I'm bringing a Key Lime Pie), and then I my Trivia Team volunteered to host Trivia Night next week. We discussing all manner of categories like Beer Slogans and Subtitles and a covers theme for the music ID. (Us here being me, Alicia, Keith, Forrest, Kate and Christina). So multiple whootage here.
AND Jett Rink plays Thursday night.

If it weren't for the last hour of today, when I was flaked out on multiple times, today would have totally rocked. I think I should just completely ditch Instant Messaging services.

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