Thursday, August 22, 2002

Well, I think that this may just work as a blog site.
I feel like all the cool kids, now. At long, long last.

Today's big task (other than creating this site) was bathing Murphy the Wonder Cat.
He'd got fleas, you see. I don't know from where: he hasn't been outside since I brought him home from the pound. Someone suggested *I* brought home the fleas.
*I* do not have vermin.
Murphy hated his bath.
I hated his bath.
He mewled like I was beating him senseless.
I bitched like a sailor in pain.
In the end, Murph was free from fleas, but small, angry and pathetic. He's a small cat anyway and soaked he looked all puny. Afterwards, he ran into his corner in the utility closet and glared at me till I went ot the gym. God only knows what he'll do when I go to sleep.

Oh well.
Tomorrow is my day off, so I'll write up something deep and philosophically satisfying.

Reason why Laura Llew rocks, number one: In her US Sinister (there'll be Sinister link soon enough) Tape
Twee, she includes one of the few Smiths songs I don't already have, Meet Me at the Cemetary Gate.
Bet you didn't know that.

Question: Is the Boy G a dish?
Answer: *mulls it over a bit* Hmm, I don't think I'll show my hand yet.

Doctor Who of the Day: Planet of the Daleks, parts two and three.
Pertwee's Maroon velvet suit (single breasted), frilly purple shirt and paisley bow tie rawk my world. I would wear that ensemble to the Orange County Social Club or Henry's. But then, I can pull off velvet.

Book of the Day: Still The Pickwick Papers. Now: Book X.

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