Saturday, August 24, 2002

I've made a few changes... There's some links at the bottom, now and a top-link to an old web page of mine. Also, I've made an active link to some pictures of me, as discussed eariler. (Thanks, Llew...)
I cleaned the hovel today.
This site is becoming quite a passion, what with me tinkering about with said links and learning basic html.
I went to my restaraunt today for cheap food. As we were talking -- me and the folks on shift -- I made the comment that I would like to be pale and scrawny. They all laughed, like I was joking. I'm not. I should quite like to be.

Today is Viva's show on WXDU, 4 -6 pm (88.7 FM). I called in requests for The Smiths and Belle and Sebastian. None were played, though it were promised. Just as well, really. I've got *all* the B&S a man could ask for, and more Smiths than is rational for a man in the Noughties (Anglicism for the Day).

Dr Who of the Day: The Green Death, parts 1-3. Giant maggots and Welshmen, boyo. All t'folk remember o'this'un. Pertwee's outfit is much less engaging/desirable... dark brown velvet w/ orange trim and a plaid button-up cloak. Yuck... Even the Nuthutch hippies are a bit dull. Props for the Ecological concern, circa 1973, though... Other heroes = not as forward thinking...I can't get het up about Jo getting savaged by the Giant Maggot at the end of Part 3, though...

Reason Llew rocks, No. 3: Teaching me how to make active links... So go visit them all: Elmo's, wxdu, wxyc, Llew herself, more me...

Book of the Day: still Pickwick Papers, Book X.

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