Friday, August 23, 2002

Who-hoo. I talked to Indie Girl Prime tonight. (Read: Christina Rentz, a most perfect young lady.) An actual real conversation 'twas, including people we know and actual Indie Music. Spoon, Flaming Lips, et al. She seemed in her usual indefatiguable style.
We even talked about people who may -- or may not-- appear at her birthday celebrations. Dr Scott Crichlow, for one, Gentle Reader. What do I think of that? Not sure. P'raps (thank'ee Dickens) I should wait til this *some random person* phase passes away... No, I think *some random person* has so many more points than Dr C.
Alas, the last ever performance of the band Milo is tonight. Having solidly failed to ever grace them with my presence before, I have been asked to show up tonight. I should, as I think their guitarist Andrew Klinghorn is quite Fab and a good guy to boot. An old-time Elmo-ite: he even trained me. He gave me a copy of their EP. Quite good, even if bordering on mainstream. Go buy it: Even If You Knew the Language.
It's not Belle and Sebastian, but what is? (Except faux things as The Gentle Waves and Reindeer Section, which each have their own perfections...)
Peace out, boyz...

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