Saturday, November 22, 2003

[b]"Lord, Let Me Meet a Jew!"[/b]

So, my favourite part of long cat trips is Christian Talk radio.
On "Unshackled: True Stories of Christ's Impact on Sinner's Lives" there was a dull story about a college athlete who Gasp! smoked dope. When he inevitably found Jesus, he learned Jesus was a jew and prayed these words.
Needless to say, he met one in the next act. I laughed from DC to Baltimore on that one.

In other news, the Christian Right is attacking Abercrombie and Fitch -- Eric's computer won't let me make links here but you can go to and, respectively. A&F's site is regrettably lacking in nude beefcake, but apparently the new catalog isn't.
The Church seems to be uspet that teens are having sex. Hunh. Who knew?
Amusingly, they seem oblivious to the strong homoerotic content of the whole thing, which is funny because their ire over wanton sex seems to momentarily conquered their existenstial anathema to Gay Marriage*.

The upshot: I'm buying Eric's 17 year old brother a copy and telling him never, ever to miss the chance to go to an orgy.

Music: Whoo-hoo! They had the Franz Ferdinand EP here, so I've been listening to that.

*Gay Marriage: Allowing ugly lesbians and their cats to live exactly the same as they've always done.

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