Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Work Is Weird...

Today at work, our conversation varied from penis tricks: "I used to make my boyfriend's cock sing by playing around with his foreskin," and "I used to turn it into a a little pig snout and make it sniff around!"* and personal tales of Female Ejaculation** to serious discussion about colour perception being influenced by language, with references to historical linguistics, Isaac Newton and evolution to the Normalization effects of marriage on the gay self-identity.

This is of course when we CAN talk. Unlike Sunday, when all four coffee machines died and the coffee shop had no actual coffee. I lost count after making 15 Americanos, 32 lattes and 16 mochas with an hour.

And yes, I did go to Delaware and to Asheville, but I'm not blogging about that from work...

*No, neither of these was me. They just seem like way silly things to do.
**Ew ew ew. Just /writing/ that is gross beyond belief.

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