Thursday, November 20, 2003

"I'll have a Laura Llew, please. With soy."

I should have mentioned this earlier, but this week's drink special is called "The Laura Llew." It's hot chocolate with shots of gingerbread and cinnamon. All week long, people have walked up and said "I want Laura Llews to go" and I think, "Don't we all, buddy..."

I'm away to Delaware for the weekend, where I plan to do as little as possible. (Although I will miss the Azure Ray show and Trivia Night.) Speaking of which, we've won Trivia Night two weeks in a row, rocking such categories as "Birds", "Dog Breeds in Film" and "Cartoon ID."

I got my application pack from Hunter College, the only actual paper application I'll be doing. It's sitting very solidly and intimidatingly on my dresser.

Also, with my paycheck, I bought a virtual slew of Dr Who books that have, at last, gotten into the country: The Suns of Caresh, Colony of Lies, Emotional Chemistry, The Crooked World, Timeless and Camera Obscura.

I was up last night til 1.30 and was at work by 6 am. On the plus side I made an excellent mix tape for the trip, made even better by the fact I have little recollection of the second side.
Teaser: Side one -- "Radio" by Pitty Sing, "The Boy With the Thorn in His Side" by Bis, "Laws have Changed" by the New Pornographers.

Ack. I have go back to work now.

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