Friday, November 14, 2003

Doo doo da Doo

So, not much happened today. The most interesting thing was mooching around and, looking up obscure shows -- Come Back, Mrs Noah, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, It's A Living, The Tripods, etc.

But tomorrow is payday, when I will buy 4 (Four!) new Dr Who books, eat Chinese food and see the new Matrix movie.

Other than that, life has been oddish of late. Lots of ups and downs.
I have decided on the three/four graduate schools I'm applying for: Glasgow University (first choice), Brooklyn University, and Hunter College (both CUNY schools). If I feel ambitious, I may apply again to Yale, but I rather doubt I will. I did find out, though, that apparently no-one gets into the School of Drama their first time -- Thanks folks, for mentioning that before...
I have nigh-employment in my chosen field. I'll be working on productions with two local theater groups on productions of Waiting for Godot and Via Dolorosa. Not that I'll be paid. But still -- experience for the above apps. I also will be working with the Duke University New Works Festival, doing almost exactly what I did in school with my Studio II program.

Work is going well -- I can balance all this new stuff, I think, with a full time job. And we've finally started the weekly drink special (This week, the Belle and Sebastian, a mocha with Irish Creme and Frosted Mint: Oh so good and the Gentle Wave, the same without espresso) and all my new Fall Drinks (Cider, homemade Chai, Pumpkin Juice and Cranberry Gluvine).
I may get a job reviewing music for another online magazine called Dusted.

Thanksgiving in the Mountians with Laura!

My car ran into a tree. This did little damage to my car (a small crack in the bumper) but I had to call AAA to tow it out of a ditch.

I got a ticket for running a stop sign and have to pay for it.

Also, growing paranoia about applying for school (Can I get in?! How will I pay?! Help me out, here people!).

Work sucks. Ony stupid people come in and I work with yutzes. Not strictly true, granted, but it can feel that way most of the time.

I am still poor, poor, poor. My parents are harrassing me about being a teacher -- Yes, more hours, lower pay and no insurance will of course turn my life around more than going back to school -- or a minister (they'll never, ever let that one die). But I won't see them again for a while. We quarrelled.

I saw Belle and Sebastian. I interviewed Richard Colburn -- you can check it out at -- it's keen.

So that, in a nutshell has been the last few weeks.
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Book of the Day: Dr Who -- The Colony of Lies; The Dream Cycle of H P Lovecraft; Mason and Dixon

Word of the day: morganatic marriage -- a marriage of a commoner to a noble, where the spouse nor any offspring recieve title or nobility

Dr Who of the Day: Paradise Towers, part 1. Woo-hoo for the Who of the late 80s! An apartment complex in space, people by lesbian gangs, cannibalistic senior citizens and Pythonesque caretakers. Richard Briers (Goode Neighbours) is the Hitler-esque leader in a HUGE army hat. The sets are a bit naff -- a completely in-studio piece -- and Slyvester in his second story is just getting the hang of his Doctor.

This post brought to you by: Al Jolson and Cab Calloway, I Love to Sing-a!; the theme song to Fraggle Rock and Small Wonder.

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