Thursday, November 13, 2003


It's been a while. Stuff has happened. Unfortunately, I'm very sleepy right now(unusual for any time before 4 am).
I will leave you with three worthwhile links: Here*, Here** and Here***.

*Good, clean fun. Well okay, not clean. Sweaty boys aren't clean.

**These ones are clean. Very clean.

***And this is for those who want good, clean fun in another fashion.

Reason Laura Llew rocks: Who else could find Religious Porn?

Book(s) of the Day: Dr Who -- The Colony of Lies, The Dream Cycle of H P Lovecraft, Mason and Dixon

Word of the day: Balilwick -- one's area of authority or expertise, from the old term for a Bailiff's jurisdiction

The Post Brought to you by: TWATTYBUS, Pitty Sing (s/t debut)

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