Friday, December 05, 2003


Today is my day off and as a) I am sick and b) I have no money you can expect a largish post. I took my car to the mechanic today for an estimate -- one $200 job and another $800 one -- and have slept most of the rest of the day.

"Are You Italian? 'Cause I Have an Uncle named Jay, and he's Italian!"

I have been taken to task by a small dog for not talking about Thanksgiving. I went to Laura's. Traffic was awful -- the four hour drive took six and a half -- but there was plenty of Christian talk to go around, even if the mix tape I specially made sucked.

Then we tripped back to her graciously appointed flat, where her dog was so overcome with lust for me she started to hump the air in a most unlady like fashion. It was freaky, and not in the She's-a-very-special-girl-the-kind-you-don't-take-home-to-Mother kind of freaky. (Later, she also attempted to give me a blowjob...)

Acts of Bestiality aside, we were busy little bees making all kinds of dessert: Pumpkin-Carrot Cake, Pecan Pie, Key Lime Pie, a pumpkin-cream cheese jelly roll and a mysterious but tasty thing called Frog-Eyed Salad. In the middle, we watched the film Willow, went to a store where a guy named Martini allegedly works and wherein a humpbacked fanatic with wild hair scared us, and went to a Bojangles with no food -- "We haven't got any fried chicken." "Okay, I'll have a ham biscuit." "No biscuits." "Fries*?" "No." "I think we'll go to a place with /food/ now..."

Then we went up to Laura's parents' house, where all manner of relations were watching the (football) fields by night. Now, Llew's parents and grandmother were terribly charming but other less attached relations were a bit odd -- smashing wine bottles and such, and sending us off to Bi-Lo** to exchange them. Her aunt uttered the above line when I told her the Frog Eyed Salad has acini de pepe pasta in it. I don't know what it is, either, but I can pronounce it.
I ate lots and lots of food -- Ham! They had Ham! Ham! Pig meat! Ham!! The first I'd had in years! -- and then played with two Labrador puppies named Bear and Meg. I like puppies. Espcecially Lab puppies that are oh-so-dopey and playful.

Then we watched Igby Goes Down, sort of a modern-day Catcher in the Rye but with sex, and Ryan Phillipe with all his clothes on (the point? The Point?). Then I drove home the next day, complete with a plate of left over that made it maybe 8 hours.

(That was also payday so I bought a Lucksmiths EP -- Midweek, Mid Morning -- and a Dr Who book called History 101, about the Spanish Civil War and perception of reality, oh so good).

I also went to the Park and I climbed a tree! We also went out with his cousin to an all-night diner that allowed smoking and we smoked and drank coffee for six hours. Very cool.
I bought two Dr Who books there (The Last Resort and Reckless Engineering) that they don't have here.**

Busy Day at Work

The other day at work (Wednesday), we had: a fire drill, a man fall down and hurt himself badly, a company Big-Wig come through AND a little Mexican midget come through.
I got complimented on my drink menu by said Big-Wig: We have my 9-spice apple cider (It has cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, cardamom, aniseed, gumbo file, juniper berries, white pepper and carraway seeds. And yes, I know that's 11 things but I refuse to tell them at work what's in it and that's part of the secret.), Cranberry Gluvine (cranberry juice steamed with mulling spices, ginger, and lemon), Pumpkin Juice (Pumpkin, milk and spices, blended togethered and steamed hot) and weekly specials. This week is a hot chocolate with gingerbread and frosted mint. Sounds vile, but the first sensation is of chocolate and gingerbread, but then the gingerbread fades away you get an aftertaste of Andes mint.

I imagine that's all the things I meant to write about. Tonight is Friday, so I get some Wendys food! Yay!

*Bojangles fries have crack in them, like MacDonald's Chicken McNuggets.

**If you're keeping count, I have 8 new Dr Who books, two at the bookstore I can't afford to get right now and another one on order. But remember, I haven't had any new ones for over a year and a half!

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